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Sorry to see you go, my friend. I’ve been a fan of Big Mista’s BBQ every since we were on the same competition BBQ team back in 2005. That was back in the day before BBQ became so popular. We were driven to BBQ because back then Los Angeles was a ghost town of barbecue deliciousness. Now, it seems, you can find a BBQ joint just about anywhere in the city. Are they good? Do they have the passion that Big Mista’s brings to the table? Well, not everyone can be Big Mista.

His commanding presence has been a fixture in the California BBQ scene. We used to call him the Mayor of BBQ because it was his calling to be an ambassador to the nation of smoked meat. Bringing together barbeque friends from around the city, state, and country.

It is because of him that I started doing competitions. I don’t particularly like cooking in contests, but getting to hang out with BBQ peeps, like Big Mista, makes entirely worth the effort. When we first started doing competitions, I often wondered why more restaurants didn’t participate. I thought that it would be excellent exposure to the often unnoticed smokehouses from around town. Then I realized that it is a completely different type of cooking. Restaurant recipes don’t often translate to the restrictions of the competition circuit.

Things were a little different with Big Mista. His restaurant was born out of the competition style of cooking. He perfected cooking in contests and brought that knowhow to his restaurant offerings. He didn’t just settle for repeating what he did on the road; Big Mista would push the recipes where he could and developed some truly unique offerings. He didn’t just settle on making outstanding BBQ brisket; his BBQ pastrami was delicious as well as his smoked turkey breasts. His BBQ buns, back when he offered those, were excellent if you wanted to balance your protein with your carbs.

If you’ve had Big Mista’s BBQ, maybe when he worked the Farmer’s Markets around town or have visited his brick and mortar store in Long Beach, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Stop by and see him before he closes shop and leaves the state. You have two weekends left to get some of his offerings as his last day of operation will be July 1st, 2018. He is only open from Thursday thru Sunday for two more weekends. Get there early because the lines are getting longer and he’s running out of meat early.

Bigmista’s Barbecue & Sammich Shop
3444 N Los Coyotes Diagonal, Long Beach, CA 90808
(562) 452-6565

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  1. Wow I wanted to try your BBQ. Come to Georgia Augusta or Atlanta and I will show up for a taste. I saw you on; ” Mans Greatest Foods hosted by Roger Mooking”.


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