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BBQ Joints

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Silent Valley IBCA Competition Results

This weekend’s BBQ competition was an unforgettable event. Our team, Four Q BBQ, had an agreement that was pretty much signed in BBQ sauce. Winning the competition didn’t matter at all, we just wanted to get together and barbecue with other peeps that were out to do the same thing. We put way less pressure on ourselves than our first

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BBQ at the Autry ’07 results

We’ll the Autry is over and we didn’t place. It doesn’t matter too much because we had a great time cooking, chatting, meeting new peeps and just hanging out with other BBQ enthusiasts. Remember it’s not how you play the game… yada, yada, yada. Congrats to the winners and all who participated, it was a fun event. If you want

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BBQ is about taking things slow.

There’s something nice about that.