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Cooking outdoors isn’t always about smoked meat. Although it isn’t BBQ, I figured that I could share this with you all since it is delicious and it does, after all, involve one of my favorite cuts of meat… the pork butt. My family has a tradition of cooking carnitas outdoors on Easter Sunday and feasting on tacos and downing a

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BBQ Joints

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Burrell’s Bar-B-Que Pit

Mr. BBQ Lover over at the New Diner blog has a review of Burrell’s Bar-B-Que Pit in Santa Ana. He’s got great photos and nothing but good things to say about their mac n’ cheese. Check out the blog … I’m not sure what happened to his post on Burrells’s, but his blog has other BBQ reviews to read. Related

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BBQ is about taking things slow.

There’s something nice about that.

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