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Grilled Salad

I saw this recipe while watching Everyday Italian on the Food Network the other day. It looked amazing. You actually grill the lettuce. I will definitely try this one out sooner rather than later The recipe I told Jill of Da Grill about it and she mentioned this recipe for a grilled salad with herbed vinaigrette which also looked super

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Potato Salad

Great BBQ is always made better by adding a great side dish. Sylvie over at Soul Fusion Kitchen blog has a terrific recipe for Potato salad posted. While you are there read up on her and Ziggy’s (her pet dog) Los Angeles food adventures. Her husband has also been known to throw down some BBQ from time to time. Soul

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BBQ Joints

Check out some BBQ Joints

Tasty Q Barbeque

A while back had the pleasure of escorting Kevin, a freelance writer for Variety Magazine, to a couple of BBQ joints around Los Angeles. He was on a BBQ odyssey of his own in this great city and I was fortunate enough to accompany him to a couple of his pit stops. He offered me free BBQ in exchange for

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BBQ is about taking things slow.

There’s something nice about that.