BBQ tri tip.

There’s something beautiful about BBQ tri tip.

This preparation for BBQ tri tip is easy and super-delicious. All you will need is a BBQ grill (charcoal, wood or gas), a tri tip, some French’s mustard and a bit of kosher salt.

Step 1

Uncooked tri tip

Select a respectable tri tip and trim off any excess fat.

Step 2

tri tip in mustard

Apply a generous coat of mustard. No need to go with a boutique brand here. French’s works the best. You can do this in a bowl or plastic bag.

Step 3

tri tip in salt

Shower the tri tip liberally with kosher salt.

Step 4

tri tip on the grill close up

multiple tri tips on the grill

Pre-heat your grill then cook the tri tip directly over medium heat to desired doneness (medium would be an internal temperature around 150º-165ºF). TR goes by feel… when the tri tip feels firm, it’s done. I can’t explain the “feel” in words, but you will get hang of it after grilling few tri-tips. F.Y.I. yes I know that this recipe technically is “grilled tri tip” and not “bbq tri tip”…but nobody ever says “grilled tri tip.”


Step 5

bbq tri tip close up

Let rest for 10 minutes. Slice, enjoy and take a bow.

If you are looking for a good condiment for this BBQ tri tip, try my pico de gallo recipe.


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  1. Costco ahs Prime and Choice cuts , i feel EVERYONE should try the Prime cut at least once , Absolutly AMAZING

  2. I cook a ton of tri-tip and always pull it off at 135-140 degrees and let it rest for 15 minutes or so. Always turns out perfect. I also can tell pretty close bu the feel of the meat, but use a meat thermometer to be certain.

  3. On page 367 of my Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook is a Beef meat chart that lists Tri-Tip as a part of the Sirloin. We buy the bags of Tri-tips at Costco here in California. I have relatives in Texas, and they have never heard of tri-tip there, either, they smoke Brisket, which comes from the foreshank area. Since Costco is a national chain, ask them to put them in your stores, why can’t they???

  4. I am a firm believer in charcoal.. I don’t have too much experience with gas but I would keep it at med just check the internal temp it will be med and juicy at 170 degrees just check with meat thermometer…let me know how it turned out..sorry I didn’t remember what site I posted on I wish I would have got back to you before mothers day.

  5. People on the east coast are retarded I tried to buy a tri- tip in new jersey and the butcher told me he has been a butcher for 20 years and has never heard of it.. I assume they call it brisket. Anyways get BBQ screaming hot put fat side downfor one or two min enough to seal the juices in then flip and do the same to the other side .. Then put in foil with onion and chopped garlic on the bottom and close foil..the onions and garlic insure the meat does burn to the foil after a hour or two pull tri-tip slice and pour the juice from the foil over the tip and enjoy…I use pappys seasoning little garlic powder salt and pepper before cooking and that’s it

    • @Forrest~This method sounds scrumptious!! Going to give it a try for our Mother’s Day BBQ tomorrow! What heat setting do you recommend for a dual burner gas BBQ? An hour or two leaves a substantial time difference…how long would you recommend for a 2# roast? Thanks for the great recipe!

  6. Hi perfect small post right right right here, was just wondering if i could quote some of it in the post im performing (I will credit and hyperlink back again the following!). Drop me a message if thats not ok. you could quote any of my stuff as extended as you hyperlink back again to it 🙂 Also superior template you use below would you thoughts telling me where by by you got it :D. Sorry for my english 🙂

  7. By the way, your photos are incredible and pretty much the only reason I even tried your method. What kind of camera and settings were you using? Shoot, no pun intended, you should be hawking your photo equip too besides your recipe! Aloha.

  8. I used Safeway yellow mustard, and laid meat out to come to room temperature sprinkling generous amount of Kosher Salt. Not as much as in the photos, but a good amount. After about 30 minutes to an hour the grill was ready and I cooked the tri tip strips. The flavor was incredible, juicy, tender, but unfortunately way too salty. I’m thinking the salt melted into the mustard then got sucked into the meat. I’ll do it again but I’ll put the salt on just before throwing on the grill. Even though it was salty, I delighted in literally sucking on those tender morsels each morning as I had my 4 oz. for a high protein breakfast. Then maybe I’ll try smoking it like Brandi did. Tri tips are expensive here in Hawaii, just bought some tonight for $7.99 a pound and hope to amaze my family with this recipe sans copious amounts of salt of the earth……then again it makes for a great whetting of the proverbial beer……..

  9. I find it bizarre that certain parts of the country have never heard of a tri tip cut of meat? What are ya’ll eating over there? Do they only ship that cut of the cow to the west coast? Go to California…….Forget what you hear on TV and Fox News……We really do have some good things out here and are not all the same kind of people.

  10. I love how everyone’s comments are not about this unusual prep for a tri tip, but on where they can get the best, or their fav rub. Its sharing I guess…Id rather see reviews like mine:

    I tried this recipe and it was pretty good. It would seem it would be salty, but it wasn’t. I think the secret is, to let the mustard/salt crust peel off onto the grill when you are cooking and turning it. That way, all that actual marinade or crust, doesn’t ‘stay’ on the roast.

    I liked it, it seemed to help keep the juices inside.

  11. My husband is a Texan and will grill our tri tip first marinated by drizzling molasses over it…. it is amazing, the molasses carmelizes and if you eat it rare to medium rare, it’s just amazing with the molasses crusting just a bit….. mouth watering! We also use the store brand package “meat marinade” and then grill it in the oven (broiler) in the winter. DELICIOUS…


  13. So, I saw this recipe and decided to make it for my “all girls bbq”. I thought there was WAY to much salt, so I decided to do a trial run first using Tri Tip strips I found at Costco. Some I did with mustard and a little salt, some with mustard and more salt, then using the recipe a lot of salt, I could not believe how AWSOME the steak with alot of salt tasted! The Tri Tip was a hit at the BBQ. Try it, you will love it!

  14. The “Pappy’s” spice mentioned earlier is made in Fresno California and sold in ACE hardware and Costco. However, Vons and Savemart will sell it in two diferent versions. One is “hot”, which I like – I like heat. The other is 50% less salt.

    Pappy’s is the nickname of pappy papoulias – the man who started the Meat Market in Fresno years ago, along with his brothers. The website for their spice is:

    Try’m – You’ll like’m.

  15. I got the idea to cover the tri-tip with mustard from a friend a few years ago. I added some of my own ideas, including putting a rub on prior (seasoning salt-type), and then the mustard, and then put it in the smoker with mesquite for a few hours. I was told by our neighbor that it was the best tri-tip he’d ever had. I have to say it was the best I’d also had. Try it!

  16. I just came from Costco. They had 23lb. Tri Tips for $70 in the main meat section. Next to the main meat section is a smaller cooler section. I found marinaded Tri Tip there in package sizes ranging from 2.5 to 3.0 lbs. They are excellent, try them they are very good.

  17. I’ve always wanted to try this, but here in Philly I don’t even think they know what Tri Tip is.. does it maybe go by another name in other parts of the country?

  18. Who says Calif. doesn’t have great BBQ? I’ll take a bunch of thin sliced tri-tip on a toasted french roll over pulled pork or brisket every day of the week.

    God I hope Swharzenegger doesn’t ban it.

  19. Tri Tip “Tip” – This cut is very tender if sliced on a 45′ against the grain. This produces diamond shape small strands in the slices instead of longer, more tenuous strands.
    I like to slow “smoke” looking for 1/4 smoke ring (about 3 hours). I use mesquite charcoal, and/or with Jack Daniels oak barrel chunks (avail at most BBQ supply places). For seasoning, I like (and would highly recommend) Pappy’s BBQ rub (avail in Oakhurst CA – you can purchase it online).
    I’ve found that Sams Club has the best Tri-tip around. Smart and Final has the best price – about $2.50/lb, but it’s untrimmed.

  20. I’m a Chicago boy who had never heard of a tri-tip until this summer. I was on my way through Porterville, Ca, heading up into the high Sierras for a flyfishing/camping trip with my bro. We saw this gent cooking up a mess of tri-tips outside of the Shell station. We didn’t want to wait the 45 minutes until they were ready, so we bought them as is. The owner laughed – he said that’s the way most of them sell. We finished cooking them over a camp fire with some rainbow trout on the side, wrapped in grass. I have never had a finer meal, and my butcher back home has never had a tri-tip order. He does now!

  21. Costco sells Tri tip in the bulk pack. Usually three pieces per pack. I will buy the pack and smoke or grill one or two and freeze the other for later.

    We love to have Tri tip with BBQ corn and mashed potatos.

  22. I did this last nihgt but I used Jack Daniel’s horseradish mustard and then i did the indirect and then the last 15 min i pushed the coals to gether and made them the direct method and and i put cloves of Garlic in the meat and WOW thank you for the tip.

  23. You should try your local butcher. All of the major chains carry tri-tip as well as Costco and Smart & Final. You will want to select pieces that aren’t too fatty, but you don’t want them to be completely void of fat either. Tri-tip can cost as much as $5.99 a pound, but you can often find it for less. Be warned that it is sometimes sold in strips or chunks. You want to make sure that you get a complete roast.

    If you’re not into this mustard thing try applying this BBQ rub to the tri-tip… it works pretty good.


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