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The quest for BBQ perfection is unending. My name is Luis Ramirez and I'm on a mission to find and create excellent BBQ. Follow along on my delicious adventures.
Luis Ramirez

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Cooking outdoors isn’t always about smoked meat. Even though it isn’t BBQ, I figured that I could share this with you all since it is delicious and it does, after all, involve one of my favorite cuts of meat… the pork butt. My family has a tradition of cooking carnitas outdoors on Easter Sunday and feasting on tacos and downing

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BBQ Pork Butt

Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ pork butt recipe

I’ve had the BBQ book Peace love and Barbecue for some time now and haven’t dedicated myself to its content nearly enough. Today, the 4th of July 2006, I have. There is a recipe for pork butt included in this book that has garnered so much attention and picked up a few awards around the BBQ circuit that I had

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BBQ Joints

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Tasty Q Barbeque

A while back had the pleasure of escorting Kevin, a freelance writer for Variety Magazine, to a couple of BBQ joints around Los Angeles. He was on a BBQ odyssey of his own in this great city and I was fortunate enough to accompany him to a couple of his pit stops. He offered me free BBQ in exchange for

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