BBQ at the Autry ’07 results

BBQ pulled pork

We’ll the Autry is over and we didn’t place. It doesn’t matter too much because we had a great time cooking, chatting, meeting new peeps and just hanging out with other BBQ enthusiasts. Remember it’s not how you play the game… yada, yada, yada.

Congrats to the winners and all who participated, it was a fun event. If you want to see more photos from this event check out my Flickr photoset here.

Here are the results:

Grand Champion

    Sug’s Shack

Reserve Grand Champion

    Dueling Bubbas


    3rd QN4u
    4th BBQ by Dan
    5th Tropical Heat
    6th Gourment Grills
    7th OTW BBQ
    8th Mojave Hot Stuff
    9th The Rib Doctor
    10th Asleep at the Grill


    1st Pit Stop
    2nd Burnt By The Best
    3rd Addicted to Rub
    4th Sug’s Shack
    5th All hogs Go to Heaven


    1st QN4U
    2nd Gourmet Grills
    3rd Dueling Bubbas
    4th Midwest Heritage
    5th Asleep at the Grill


    1st Sug’s Shack
    2nd BBQ by Dan
    3rd Dueling Bubbas
    4th 155 South
    5th QN4U


    1st BLQ
    2nd Tropical heat
    3rd Sug’s Shack
    4th Dueling Bubbas
    5th Asleep at the Grill


    1st All Hogs go to Heaven
    2nd Zeke’s Smokehouse
    3rd The Change Smoker

Southwest Dish

    1st QN4U
    2nd Zeke’s Smokehouse
    3rd Big O’s

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  1. Did you see what the had to say about the event? Go to the Barbecue Bastards GroupSite on MySpace to go check it out the link. I was there early but left when I saw a certain sign.


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