Back in the Saddle Again

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It’s been about three years since our last BBQ competition, but this weekend Four Q rides again at the Dana Point State BBQ Competition. We are only two now, Professor Salt and myself BBQ Junkie. Of the original four who started our BBQ team in 2005 Neil “Big Mista” has gone on to much success […]

2014 Houston Barbecue Festival

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Only a couple hours away from the home of Central Texas Barbecue, Houston isn’t known for its smoked meats.  Michael Fulmer and Chris Reid are trying to change that. For the second year, they’ve put on the Houston Barbecue Festival, where 20 local barbecue joints set up their cookers and provide samples to thousands of […]

Kid’s Summer Drink “Drank”

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Kid’s Summer Drink “Drank”

We were all sitting poolside enjoying a sunday afternoon when my daughter asked me for a “drank,” something tropical. She seemed comfortable, so how could I say no? Keeping the kids happy can be a chore at times, but if you do it right they really do appreciate the extra effort. I went inside with […]

Championship Ribs Video

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Another video, but a worthwhile one especially if you’re thinking about competing in a BBQ competition or just curious about how meticulous pitmasters can be about their meat. It’s a promo for a BBQ DVD, but it does include some nice philosophical points of view and cooking tips as well.

How To Butcher a Pig

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Intriguing video of a master butcher disassembling a pig carcass. What’s more impressive is that it’s a promo for an iPad app.