Barbeque Championship Series

Set your TiVo because it looks like another competition BBQ show has just started on the Versus TV (DirecTV #608). Here is the description:

Presented by Kingsford Charcoal, this competitive bracket-series tournament features the world’s top BBQ chefs vying for $100,000 in prize money – the biggest in ‘cue history. The meats have been marinated; the cookers fired and stoked. Watch as the best pit men in the country line up ready to do battle, apron to apron. But before they can take home the prize, they must face the gamut of judges – the Taste Makers and Breakers – with a celebrity judge or two to spice things up. The torturous scrutiny begins this fall on Versus. Viewers will have an eye-opening experience as they witness survival in the BBQ pits.

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