Rib Ranch Bar-B-Q

Rib Ranch Bar-B-Q
Rib Ranch Bar-B-Q on Topanga Canyon Blvd.

Have you ever got up in the morning and decided that you had to have some barbecue. That’s what happened to me today. I was really craving some slow smoked barbecue spare ribs, but deep down inside a little voice was telling me that I don’t have the time make any today. Lets face it, real good home style BBQ takes time to prepare. On to plan “B,” convince my wife that I really wanted to take her out to get some BBQ for lunch and that it had entirely nothing to do with my BBQ Junkie blog. She is a very understanding soul and went along with it. Yesss!

So, off we went, cruising down Ventura Blvd. towards a BBQ joint called My Brother’s Bar-B-Q a Woodland Hills restaurant since 1957. Oh, I could almost taste the ribs… mmmmm. No such luck. Come to find out that the place opens late on Sundays (4:30 pm). Why, oh why? Is it only me, or is Sunday just as good a time as any to serve BBQ all day long? Going to plan “C.” There is a place, just south of Ventura on Topanga Canyon Blvd called “Rib Ranch Bar-B-Q” that we had visited before. I was a bit reluctant to go there because in my previous visit I remember it being just “o.k.” but I needed my BBQ fix. So off we went. We took a table on the front patio (they also have a big side patio) with a good view of the boulevard and their smoking BBQ pit. Bring me the menu and a drink…I’m so ready to eat. Another wrench was unexpectedly thrown into my BBQ master plan… no alcohol. Ouch! They bring me a tall Coke and I’m good to go.

My wife is not that hungry and orders a BBQ hot dog. Interesting choice, she is a big fan of hot links but she orders the dog instead. Hmmm? It must have been all of the hot dog stands that we passed along the way. Anyway, you throw in a side BBQ beans and potato salad and she has a meal. I wanted BBQ spare ribs, but they only ribs they offered were BBQ baby back and beef. I definitely had to have the pork as one of my choices, but with the combo you have to select another. Should I go BBQ beef ribs, BBQ chicken, or BBQ tri tip? If you have ever read this blog before, you know in which direction I am inclined to go. BBQ tri tip all the way.

Now, about the meal. I hear the hot dog was actually very delicious and her sides weren’t bad either. Grill beats griddle every time when it comes to hot dogs, kinda like scissors to paper in a game of Ro-Sham-Bo. I really enjoyed the BBQ baby back ribs, which were grilled over mesquite charcoal and nice and tender. The grilled flavor was good, but really not smoky at all. I enjoyed them none-the-less. The BBQ tri-tip on the other hand was not very good, I should have ordered the beef ribs instead…next time I will, for sure. The BBQ tri tip came, and this is a pet peeve of mine, with the BBQ sauce pre-applied. You don’t pre-apply the BBQ sauce. If your BBQ skills are up to par, BBQ sauce is condiment not a necessity.

Sorry about that, I just had to get it out. Anyway, even with the BBQ sauce bath, I found that the BBQ tri tip still needed salt and a little bit of pepper. The Sauce was sweet and seemed to favor the pork over the tri tip. I could also see it going good with chicken, although I didn’t order any. My side dishes were pretty good. They represented the coleslaw quite well, it was bright and refreshing. We both felt that it was better the Dr. Hogly Wogly’s. Not that I am bashing the Doctor in the least bit.

If you live in woodland hills or find yourself passing through someday from the greater Los Angeles area, stop by and have lunch. The people are nice and, plus, the Valley has great weather. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend driving out from anywhere outside of the San Fernando Valley just to eat here.

Rib Ranch Bar-B-Q BBQ Hot Dog
BBQ hot dog with BBQ beans and potato salad on the side

Rib Ranch Bar-B-Q Combo Plate
BBQ tri tip, BBQ baby back ribs with Coleslaw and BBQ beans on the side

Rib Ranch Bar-B-Q BBQ Ribs
This is what I should have ordered, BBQ beef ribs

Rib Ranch Bar-B-Q
4923 Topanga Canyon Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

7 thoughts on “Rib Ranch Bar-B-Q”

  1. Rib Ranch kicks ass. It’s as simple as that. It’s a great, comfortable place to eat in the winter. The fireplace is always blazing when it’s cold outside, and the aroma of barbecue hits you about a block away. Perfect setting.

    My personal fave are the beef ribs. The cole slaw is top notch. I should venture out of my beef ribs with double slaw one day. If I was an eloquent word monger that writes about how good food is, then I’d continue. Suffice to say I’ve eaten a lot of barbecue, and for Los Angeles, it’s the best I’ve had.

    I’m calling them right now for delivery.

  2. i have eaten here numberous times….(I’m about to in 10 minutes!!)
    Always good sauce and pork…never had a hot dog here…and they DO have a huge grill and smoker!!!!
    Give it another chance…..

  3. rib ranch is rated in the top 10 bbq joints in the US. I work at the food channel and we did a special on them and a few other of the best bbq’s but sadly it may never get aired. if you are within 650 miles of rib ranch it is worth stopping by.

  4. I have eaten at Rib Ranch off and on for 20 years. Every time I am in the Los Angeles / Valley area, I try to make it a point to visit.

    Not as good as West Texas BBQ, but for the Valley, it is one of the best. Oh, and you can bring your own beer with no problems. Better than the big chain bbqs, and other local competition. BBgood.

  5. The Rib Ranch belongs to our great-uncles lenny and bernie. They are our mother’s father’s twin brothers. We recently visited them over the summer and relived the experience of the great tastes of their beans, ribs, and chicken. But what makes the rib ranch famous, is the sauce. It is perfectly sweet and delicious. It is the great kind of sauce that you can eat plain with a spoon. The ribs were cooked to perfection and the chicken was also very delicious, though Brandon always gets the ribs every time, his brother jordan tastes a bit of everything. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT ALL PERSONS IN A CLOSE OR FAR VICINITY GO AT LEAST ONCE TO THIS AMAZING BBQ EATERY. (brandon is typing this comment because jordan is a stupid moron that is fat and can’t spell)

  6. I went to Rib Ranch today and was very disappointed. The Baby back ribs were so tough that my wife swore they must have been small beef ribs. There was no trace of smoke or seasoning. The Tri-tip was better, but by no means good. The “BBQ Sauce” was the most foul thing I’ve ever tasted. It was something like sugar mixed with tomato paste and liquid smoke. Waaaay to sweet.

  7. I visited this place hoping to get a bbq hot dog; but was disappointed to learn that the dog is gas grilled. I refuse to name any restaurant a bbq place if there exists a gas grill!!! I was told they use a smoker for the chicken and ribs. Upon finding out that this restaurant is not a true bbq eatery, I did not order anything; therefore, I can not comment on their food, which might have been very good under the smoker they claim to have. In my futile quest to find a site that truly BBQ’s hot dogs, my disappointment upon learning this Topanga cyn location used a gas grill, I walked out in a big hurry. Kipp’s in berkeley is, so far, the only true bbq i have found for hot dogs! Can anyone tell me why I am the only one who likes bbq hot dogs??? Apparently nobody else does, or there would be more restaurants that offer it!!

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