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Outdoor Grill sign
Outdoor Grill and Handy J Hand Wash

Today was the 7in7 hump-day and it ended up being a bit of a challenge for me. My boss asked me to go with him to Costco during lunch and, being the supportive boss that he is, he suggested that we do the Outdoor Grill for today’s 7in7 BBQ restaurant. I was actually thinking about doing the Outdoor Grill until L.A. Dining beat me to it. I’m not trying to say that I can’t review it because they have already done it. I’m just saying.

The most endearing part of the Outdoor Grill is its proximity to the Handy J Car Wash. Have BBQ and get your car washed is a winning combination in my book. After all this is Los Angeles. I must admit that I have visited this place a few times, usually on the way to Costco, but never to get my car washed. Someday I might.

I ordered a BBQ tri tip & pork rib combo with no side dishes, and no, I’m not on the Atkins diet (that’s so spring of ‘04). The tri-tip I thought was good, but the ribs didn’t entertain me at all. They could have been more tender, and perhaps a little more flavorful. The BBQ sauce was a little too sweet for the tri tip and might have fared a little better on the chicken. I usually order the pork sandwich with a side of mac n’ cheese, which is decent enough to get every time. But I had to go for what I didn’t know.

There was a chicken sandwich that was ordered as well as some BBQ chicken; hopefully the BBQ posse will post comments to let you know how those items were. As far as BBQ goes, they have an impressive grill. Comparing my visit to that of L.A. Dining’s I would have to say that there are some consistency issues with certain items. The BBQ sandwich is a safe bet and when you factor in a car wash this may be all the BBQ that you may ever need. As for me, I’m off to the next review.

Outdoor Grill BBQ pit
Impressive BBQ pit

Outdoor Grill tri tip and rib combo
BBQ tri tip and rib combo

Outdoor Grill chicken sandwich and fries
BBQ chicken sandwich and fries

Outdoor Grill BBQ chicken and rib combo
BBQ chicken and rib combo with a side of mac n’ cheese

The Outdoor Grill

West Los Angeles
12630 1/2 Washington Pl. Los Angeles, CA 90066
310-636-GRIL (4745)
310-636-4747 FAX

18697 Devonshire St. Northridge, CA 91324
818-363-3235 FAX

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15 thoughts on “Outdoor Grill”

  1. Talking about beef ribs, I like Mr. Cecil on Pico near the 10 overpass. As for the Outdoor Grill, I’ve had the chicken sandwich many times. It’s good and goes well with the honey based sauce. I too wish they had a hotter sauce. I’m getting hungry! …

  2. Chris and Pitts has the best barbecue in the nation!
    Try the Fountain Valley location and you will have MORE than your fill of beefy ribs, sides, and get out of there for less than you ever thought possible. YUM!

  3. I’m down for that East Coast vs West Coast smokedown, if you’ll accept another east-coaster….Great site, looking forward to seeing/reading some more! I’ll definitely be adding a link to you from my site….cool!

  4. I’ve only been to the Northridge location. I really like this place. Good ribs and sauce.

    The Northridge location is weird. There are three different BBQ places in the same shopping center. Outdoor Grill, a Hawaiian and something else.

  5. I had the chicken sandwich and it was really good! The chicken has great flavor and the sauce, which is a bit sweet, works well on the sandwich.

  6. These ribs look soooooo good, I think I need to do a dry rub on myself. Did you try the pulled pork? I hear it is heavenly?

  7. Hey,
    I really like your website. I like it so much that I linked to you from mine. Hopefully, you’ll like mine as well and return the favor.

    Maybe we can battle it out – California BBQ vs. New York BBQ.

  8. I had the bbq chicken/rib combo. The chicken was okay and passed my most critical requirement, it was cooked enough to be tender to the bone (just like me).
    The ribs, however, were adequate although uninspired. A choice of bbq sauces would help. I would like mine less sweet with more kick. Anyone’s ribs immediately move up a few notches with some more zip as an option.


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