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My Brother\'s BBQ sign

The 7in7 had a major wrench thrown into the system today. Someone scheduled me for a lunch meeting and didn’t even bother to have it catered by a BBQ restaurant. This was beginning to smell a little bit like sabotage, but it would take more than a lunch meeting to keep the BBQ Junkie down. Much more.

I decided to pick up some food from My Brother’s Bar-B-Q in Woodland Hills. Why not give them a try? After all they have been in business since 1957. The first thing that I have to say is that they have a great sign with a full size cow perched on top. The ambiance is that of a diner/greasy spoon. It feels as though nothing has changed in this BBQ restaurant since 1957.

I ordered a half a rack of BBQ baby back ribs combo and a BBQ chicken tri tip combo. Mashed potatoes, coleslaw and BBQ beans were the sides. They were packaged up neatly, just as BBQ ought to be packaged. You opened up the box and inside there was a plate full of barbecue.

I started in on the tri tip, which had been sliced and then re-grilled. This must have been to give it a grilled flavor and some grill marks. It at least looked good. It came with pre-applied BBQ sauce, which didn’t really add anything. I was unimpressed. The chicken was better even though I came extra charred. As for the BBQ baby back ribs, well, there was nothing too exciting to report. The sides were good, especially the BBQ baked beans. Pretty tasty. I will have to chalk up this $36.00 take-out meal to experience. Oh well, live and learn.

My Brother\'s BBQ to-go box
Everything was packed up nice

My Brother\'s BBQ baby back ribs
Half a rack BBQ babyback ribs

My Brother\'s BBQ tri tip and chicken
BBQ chicken and tri tip combo

My Brother’s Bar-B-Q
21150 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills
818-348-5618 FAX

13 thoughts on “My Brother’s Bar-B-Q”

  1. I’ve been coming here since the 70’s. The food is delicious, the prices reasonable and the service has always been friendly. I’ve always gotten exactly what I ordered. Their BBQ sauce is great! If I’m in Woodland Hills I always make time to stop in for lunch.

  2. to Keith, shame on you for being late, and on Mothers Day!
    You are to blame, not the restaurant! Stop blaming them for your bad behavior. Your folks should have waited until you arrived before taking a table, especially on a holiday! Restaurants make their money on table turnover. Mob’s is a small place with reasonable prices, they can’t afford to have a large table taken up with no orders.
    BAD BAD Keith!
    And, you are dumb enough to post all over the internet how you kept your mother waiting and then made a jerk of yourself and embarrassed her.
    But then, maybe she deserved it, after all, she did raise a jerk – you.

  3. While I am sure the people here, that posted negative comments about My Brother’s B-B-Q, really feel that way, I do not feel the same way! I’ve read things about this place like, it looks like it is stuck in the 60’s, or outdated as to the way it is decorated, I think it adds a certain charm to the place. The food is decent, prices(lunch specials specifically) fair and the help accomodating. I was there just today and the waitress, didn’t bring out my salad until the entree was brought out! I thought nothing of it but she must have appologised 6 times.

    If you are trying to impress a client or planning a wedding reception, go to that 5 star restaurant and pay the price. This is a hometown, mom and pop, good eats, type place. Never mind the haters, some people wouldn’t be happy in you served them gold bars on a silver platter and gave it too them for free!

  4. I will never step foot in My Brother BBQ again after the way they treated my parents and family. My parents showed up and got a table, we were running about 10 minutes late due to traffic. The manager actually kicked my parents out of their table when another party of 6 showed up ! ! ! ! !



  5. Best Beef Ribs in LA! If your from Chiacgo and want something close in flavor, this place is hands down the best in LA! The beef ribs are solid meat and not the cheap fall off the bone junk you get from places like Hometown Buffet or Sizzler joints.
    I’ve been to many place to find good beef ribs, My Brothers is the absolute best in LA! 2nd best in my opinion would be Dakota’s. Dakota’s use to be in Simi Valley but relocated to Agoura. Not sure if Dakota’s has the beef ribs anymore. Still for the best beef ribs in LA, go to My Brothers in Woodland Hills. Small cozy resturant. The only negative about the place is it’s family operated and the older lady waitreses are not all that pleasant. Worth putting up with them for the best beef ribs though.

  6. I can tell you from experience that there are indeed smoking ovens, and that they are used daily. They can be found at the end of the kitchen, right behind the cash register. Hickory is used in the ovens, and the ribs are smoked there when they come in from the butcher. I know, because it was part of my job to smoke the meat every day when I worked there. You may have been looking for a wood GRILL, and that you will not find. The ribs are smoked in a closed oven, which is vented to the outside.

  7. This place is amazing, and the family treats you as one of there own. I enjoyed the chicken, and the BBQ sauce is out of this world, i purchased a couple of bottles for the road!

  8. I have eaten 3 times at this place because I was with people who chose to eat there. Never did I detect any BBQ smoked flavor in anything I ordered! There is no wood or charcoal grill that I could find. Although the quality of the meat is decent, this is just a gas-grilling-add-BBQ sauce type of restaurant.


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