Memphis Championship Barbecue

Memphis Championship Barbecue sign

My wife and I were in Las Vegas earlier this month visiting some family. I had to ask the obvious question of “where is the best BBQ in Las Vegas?” My nephew Alex quickly recommended a place called Memphis Championship Barbecue. With four locations around Las Vegas he finds it easy to eat there often and loves their pulled pork. So we asked him to show us the way.

Upon entering the restaurant you notice all of the BBQ trophies and awards that adorn the foyer. Not just local awards, but big competitions like Memphis in May. I was delighted to be at a restaurant that bases its menu on winning competition-style BBQ recipes. I couldn’t wait to order.

We got seated and ordered the BBQ nachos for appetizers and some drinks. My wife and I decided to split the Grand Champion Plate for $19.99, which would give us a good sampling of their BBQ meats. It came with St. Louis ribs, beef ribs, smoked sausage, BBQ chicken, brisket, pork shoulder and a choice of two sides. We got the mac n’ cheese and baked beans. Alex ordered the BBQ brisket while my niece, Tiana, and her baby-daddy each got the catfish.
When the BBQ nachos arrived it was nothing but artery-hardening deliciousness. Pulled pork pilled atop oh-so-cheesy nachos smothered in award winning BBQ sauce. Can you say tasty? I had to stop myself because the pending BBQ plate that I ordered. The plate came stacked with BBQ, more than enough for my wife and I. I started off with the pork ribs and found that they were seasoned well with good smoke flavor, but they were a little overcooked. The beef ribs were surprisingly delicious as was the hot link. The brisket and the pork shoulder were not bad at all. My biggest disappointment of the evening was the chicken that was dry. This let down was countered by the superb quality of the side dishes. All the way around the table everyone was talking about how good the side dishes were. In particular was the man’ cheese as well as the collard greens.

No dessert was ordered this night in Las Vegas, we had nowhere to put it. As it was, we didn’t even finish our Grand Champion Plate. Part of that was because the chicken was the only thing left on the plate, and the other part was that we were just too full.
I will be returning to Las Vegas next month and maybe revisit Memphis Championship BBQ or find me some other local favorite.

Grand Champion Plate
The Grand Champion Plate

Memphis Championship Barbecue:

S. Rainbow Blvd.
1401 S. Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 254-0520

Warm Springs/Eastern
2250 E.Warm Springs Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 260-6909

Santa Fe Station
4949 N. Rancho Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 396-6223

Las Vegas Blvd./Craig
4379 Las Vegas Boulevard
North Las Vegas, NV 89115
(702) 644-0000

Visit their website.

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15 thoughts on “Memphis Championship Barbecue”

  1. Hello 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed one of my favorite restaurants ever! If you get the chance to go again, you HAVE to try the bread pudding for dessert!!! You won’t be in the least bit disappointed. Also, if you like BBQ, you should try Lucille’s here in Vegas. They have some Cajun style dishes (gumbo, jambalaya, creole sauces, etc.) as well. mmmhmmmm :b They even have live blues on Fridays and Saturdays 😀

  2. I also enjoyed my trip to MCB. The BBQ scene in Vegas is growing rapidly. There is now a branch of Famous Dave’s (which is another good corporate BBQ joint). Salt Lick BBQ recently opened a restaurant at the Red Rock resort. RUB is opening at the Rio in October and there are lots of small places popping up everywhere. The more, the merrier! Might have to start a Las Vegas BBQ blog soon! 🙂

  3. Had our three kids with us and wanted to get off the strip for a while. My husband saw this place and thought we would like it being from back in barbeque country. We couldn’t have been happier. We even enjoyed the true southern sweet tea. I had the pulled chicken barbeque sandwich. It was delicious and very moist. They must have noticed your dry chicken remark, because they definitely fixed the problem. If you have a chance, try the steamed veggies and baked sweet potatoe. They are awesome! The potatoe should be considered a dessert.

  4. i have been going here for a long time .love the fried pickels.i am lucky work takes me to las vegas every 4 to six weeks and thats the first stop.olny complaint is that the one on warm spring there is a sonic burger next store but i am so full from the Q i cant stop there ,no sonic burger in los angeles.
    never had a bad meal at mcb also join there email list they have some great offers

  5. Family traditional Bar-B-Que at it’s very best!
    Memphis Style baby back ribs and pork shoulder and beef brisket that rivals any Texas style meat!

    If in Memphis, Corky’s is fine, but if in Vegas, MCB
    is the place for the “Best”. or 17th Street Bar & Grill is Southern Illinois.

  6. Their pulled pork nachos the best. I’ll go there just for the nachos. MMMMMMMMMMM pulled pork nachos. But i found their bbq to be inconsistant, but overall its a great place to try.

  7. We tried ‘Big Mommas’ last week and were very disappointed. The restaurant was quite dirty, no air, (temp was 108), and the food was poor.

  8. New owner of a BBQ resturaunt in Dyersburg, Tennessee. We are located at 4402 Hwy. 78 Dyersburg. Have had alot of comments of our ribs being awesome. Want to try BBQ Nacos and need a easy, fast and good recipe. This resturaunt has only been established a year and is now taking off. Give us a try!!!!!

  9. I went last week too! It’s pretty damn good for corporate cue. While Mike Mills’ recipes are the same here at his Vegas stores, the execution isn’t quite as sharp as his Illlinois home base. If you’re ever near Murphysboro, IL (and you’re damn close if you end up in Memphis or St. Louis), go the extra mile to the original restaurant, 17th St. Bar & Grill. I’ll be posting more about this on my blog.

  10. This sounds delicious (minus the chicken). I will be going to Vegas in December and I will make sure I get to one of these locations. I wish I could make the Memphis in May event also but that doesn’t seem likely.


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