JR’s Barbeque

JR\'s Barbeque sign
JR’s Barbeque in Culver City

After doing 7 straight BBQ restaurant reviews in 7 days last week (the 7in7) I began to have cravings for guess what? More BBQ. These cravings exponentially increased after seeing Sylvie’s post on her blog, Soul Fusion Kitchen, about JR’s Barbeque. She has great photos and insight into a restaurant that she frequents. Sylvie had recommended that I give them a try. I only have one thing to say to that… thank you Sylvie.

There was one thing about JR’s Barbecue restaurant that I found to be very compelling and that was the atmosphere. Upon entering, we were greeted with smiles and genuine hospitality… a very difficult thing to find in Los Angeles. We felt very much at home. The smell of smoked BBQ didn’t hurt either. We knew that we were in for something special.

I was super delighted to see spareribs on the menu as well as a great dessert selection. I ordered the small dinner, which was more than enough food for lunch. My meal came with two sides, I got the coleslaw and BBQ beans. The rest of the BBQ Posse ordered BBQ brisket sandwich, BBQ chicken sandwich and a pulled pork sandwich.

The spareribs were superb! Absolutely. Smokey, tender and flavorful. I was furious! Yes, furious. I was furious that nobody had ever told me about JR’s Barbecue restaurant before (Except for one co-worker, MattyL., but who listens to him?). Needless to say, I was very pleased with the ribs. The coleslaw was pretty incredible. The texture was crisp and refreshing. The slight sweetness complemented the BBQ ribs perfectly. The BBQ beans were slightly sweeter than I prefer, but good nonetheless.

E-Mike, a member of the BBQ Posse who joined me for lunch, commented that his pulled pork sandwich was the third best that he had ever eaten. Third best might not sound that great, but he has eaten BBQ pulled pork sandwiches all across America (including Memphis) and the number one and two weren’t even in this state. He is sort of a self-proclaimed BBQ pulled pork sandwich connoisseur. We finished off the lunch with a piece of 7up cake and headed back to work.

JR\'s Barbeque spare ribs
Small BBQ spare rib dinner with BBQ beans and coleslaw

JR\'s Barbeque beef brisket
BBQ brisket sandwich with a side of potato salad

JR\'s Barbeque chicken
BBQ chicken sandwich with a side of potato salad

JR\'s Barbeque pulled pork
BBQ pulled pork sandwich with a side of BBQ beans

JR\'s Barbeque 7up cake
7up cake, sweet!

3055 So. La Cienega Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

Phone: 310.837.6838
Fax: 310.837.6836


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26 thoughts on “JR’s Barbeque”

  1. Meat is ok, but they slather a ton of sauce on it. Been their 3 times , forgot twice to tell them to put sauce on the side. The best places always put sauce on the side or in a bottle. Always remember, alot of sauce means they are covering up for a reason. MOM’S on Vanowen does the same thing. Covers all the fat (and no meat) on the ribs.

  2. I was very excited to try Jr’s after reading the reviews posted on this site, most praising it’s excellent food and service. I must say I was very disappointed by both the food and service after going for the first time today(saturday) at about 1:30pm. I’ll cut them some slack and say that maybe I just caught them on a slow day. There were no waitresses present, and the place was totally empty besides on customer siting at the counter reading the paper. The cooks, or what I assume were cooks, just stood behind the counter stairing at my mother and I as if we were aliens from a distant galaxy. The gentlemen who actually attended to us seemed almost annoyed, although technically polite, as if he had better things to do than take our order but was just putting on a nice face for customer service sake. We were ordering our food to go and the man just stood over us giving us a feeling of being rushed. I even mentioned to him that we came after reading such a glowing review and he did not seem to care, he just smirked and continued standing there.

    The food itself was okay at best, and that’s a generous compliment. The ribs were tender, I actually ordered the short ribs, which was a total rip off seeing as they were more like rib tips, I would not be suprised if they actually were rib tips. I only recieved four in my combo. The meat had a good taste, but for the price the portion was a rip off. My chicken was obviously reheated and old, I threw it away. My pulled pork sandwhich was soogy and lukewarm, Yuk!!. The roll was obviously store bought, the potatoe salad was dry and flavorless, and the beans were decent, philips are far better. We asked for medium sauce and they gave us hot, which seemed like exta hot after one whipes the beeds of sweat from one’s forehead. Even the packaging was a turn off. They just threw our food unorganized into doggy bags, everything soaking in lukewarm lava sauce, it was very disappointing, espcially after spending 35 bucks and being charged extra for ordering short ribs with my combo.

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE. Phillips in leimert park(also on crenshaw and 29th) and Woody’s on slauson in los angeles is ALOT BETTER, do not waste your’ time or money dining at JR’s.

  3. What about Grecee’s on Labrea… THEY ARE AWESOME… I love JR’s… but Grecee’s on La Brea is just a notch above and the beans are perfect!

  4. I went to JR’s yesterday for the first time. I believe it to be the best Q I’ve had in L.A. FINALLY, a sauce that is not sickly sweet. Order Orange Chicken in Hong Kong and you won’t get the sugary, gooey garbage american women see to want on everything…like you get at Panda Express. Consequently, when you eat barbeque in the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee….you don’t get that overly sweet sauce that you get at Phillips, Woodies or Jay-bee’s. JR’s meat is somked, but not too much, tender and ample.
    When you go to a BBQ joint always look for these things: First, take a walk around back…is there a LARGE woodpile, or just a little bit for show…or none at all? Where’s the smoke? Most joints just cook electrically…that’s called BAKING, not BBQ…and then finish the meat with harsh, acrid smoke for a short while. That isn’t BBQ…that is flavoring baked meat. Period. Next, ask why you never see any smoke coming from their place. ALL BBQ joint in the South are smelled before their seen.
    Over all, nice food, very nice people….not southern BBQ, but my favorite in L.A.

  5. Man, I have the hankering for JR’s BBQ again. I have been there about 4 times and I always get the large rib dinner with HOT sauce. EXCELLENT!
    I have to say this is the best BBQ for the money in Los Angeles. It may well be the best BBQ in all of L.A., hands down.

    Save room for the warm 7-Up cake, as that is a treat.
    Excellent friendly service, inviting atmosphere, and superb BBQ!

  6. Dear Junkie,

    I am giving a party for Chicagoans next week. A very discerning bunch. I live in the
    West LA area. Where do you recommend I buy a pork ribs for forty?

    Thanks, a fellow Junkie

  7. Was hungry for lunch and found myself in Culver City yesterday after 11 and thought of JR’s. Got there about 11:30 and was one of the first two at the counter. Got the rib sandwich (three spareribs) with potato salad and chose the hot sauce. $8.50. Lemonade was served in a large glass and was refilled. $2. I wondered if I’d be satisfied with only three ribs, but these were meaty, tender but with texture, and tasty. The hot sauce was REALLY hot, it approached my comfort limit, and got my nose runny. Service was ultra-friendly and comfortable.

    I’ll be back soon for the pork, maybe a combo.

  8. I went to JR’s for the first time today, after reading the great reviews on this website. I arrived at lunch time to get the 3-way sample of Pork Ribs, Pull Pork, and Riptips. All of it was outstanding at the owner Bobby was very nice. One warning! I tried the Hot BBQ sauce, and it was flaming hot! I ‘m used to hot foods and hot peppers, but this knock me out of the park. I can’t wait to go again next week. One of the best BBQ joints in LA.


  9. I must apologize. When I wrote my review. I mixed up JR’s with Benny’s Bar-b-q on Lincoln. Must’ve been the red awning that threw me.

    That being said, I just went to JR’s and let me tell you…no, wait…check it out on my blog when you get a chance.

  10. Uh HUH!
    Just be careful, the hot sauce is a lingering heat that doesn’t physically burn, but it just keeps getting hotter. And the JR’s crew will just chuckle a lil’ as you wipe the beads of sweat from your forehead, saying I asked you if you are sure you don’t want the medium sauce.
    I think it is the African Peri-Peri pepper that holds the African desert heat in.
    A real treat!

  11. Try Robin’s Woodfire BBQ in Pasadena when your in the area. They do BBQ right. We found out about them in the Sept/Oct issue of Westways magazine. They were listed as one of the best BBQ places in So. Cal. and we agree. Been there many times since. Zekes’s is pretty good too. Barnburner doesn’t get it. No heart.

  12. I tried this place once. Maybe I just went on a bad day. I asked for the pulled pork and they looked at me like I was crazy. I said, ‘The Pork Sandwich!” and you could see their collective light bulbs come on.

    I thought the sauce was bland and there was too much of it. The meat should be able to stansd on it’s own and the sauce, if it’s used should only enhance it. I was satisfied with the texture of the meat but I have no idea what it tasted like.

    Perhaps I’m just spoiled since I found out what real que tastes like.

    Last good que I remember eating, (besides my own of course 🙂 ) was at either Woody’s on Slauson or at the Rib nest on El Segundo.

    BTW… I like the site. BrooklynQ from Whitetrashbbq.com referred me. Keep up the good work!

  13. Now BBQ in LA is something else. You need to come down here to Texas, Dallas Fort Worth area, where BBQ is as often seen as a IN-OUT Burger or McDonalds in So. Cal.

    I’ll give JR’s a try my next trip to LA. In the mean time, will send a friend of mine in Walnut, CA over to JR’s as he is just craving BBQ since I his last visit to Texas. Why hell, two of my buds living accross the street got a smoker on a big trailer they tow to tailgates at Texas Motor Speedway and NFL games. Got me a smaller one in my back yard to smoke BBQ anytime. Only in Texas!

  14. We had a ‘cue taste-off last year with guests bringing in ribs only from:
    JR’s, Phillips, Gadsberry, Hogly Wogly and a local, Mr. Cecil’s. JR’s won handily (though I’m partial to Phillips by a hair). We’ve heard the family saga from the owner and sat and talked with the counter people each time we waited for take out. Friendly and delicious. What more could you want? Guess I’ll head there for lunch again today!

  15. Just tried JR’s today on your recommendation. I had the Spare rib dinner and was floored. the best bbq I’ve had in LA in a long time, and the hot bbq sauce might be the reason why.

  16. JR’s is OK. Not bad and certainly better than baby blues. But then again what BBQ place isn’t better than baby blues.

    The service is fast and friendly. The ribs are ok but the sides are not worth mentioning.

    J & J’s a few blocks away on Adams is my favorite BBQ in LA. Great food. But weird hours.

  17. I just had to let you know Food TV just did a BBQ special tonight where JR’s was featured on “The Secret Life Of… BBQ”. Hope you got to see it. Since it aired tonight, I’m sure it will air again during their BBQ special this month.

  18. I told you that you would luv it. I have tried Woody’s, Phillips and a host of other South Central joints. This one is my first choice. Pulled pork is a North Carolina treat my husband turned me onto. I still favor the rib tips. Thank you for the kind comments Lu.


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