Jax Bar and Grill

Jax sign
Jax Bar and Grill in Glendale.

Tonight’s 7in7 BBQ restaurant review was close to being a complete disaster. Someone in the BBQ Junkie’s inner circle had highly recommended Jax in Glendale. “Sure, why not?” I thought to myself. Jazz and BBQ would be the perfect way to end the 7in7.

Well, as it turns out, Jax not a true BBQ joint, but merely a restaurant that happens to serve barbecue as one of the dishes on its menu. In this instance, the term barbecue is used to describe baked baby back ribs covered in BBQ sauce. Funny as it sounds, they were in some ways better (more meaty, flavorful and tender) than other ribs that I had eaten durring the week.

I’m not going to spend too much time on this review (because it is not truly a BBQ restaurant), but will say that it was an enjoyable evening. As we finished our meal, a blues band came on and started there set. Their bass player looked like Billy Vera. That sparked a question that seemed to dominate the rest of the evening’s conversation. “What was the Billy Vera and the Beaters’ big hit in the ‘80s?”

Time is a getting little tight to finish up this review (Mother’s Day tomorrow), so I will post the photos soon. Good night.

Jax Bar
Jax bar with stained glass

Jax baby back ribs
Baby back ribs

339 N. Brand Blvd

7 thoughts on “Jax Bar and Grill”

  1. Suprised no feedback on my Jack Sheldon suggestion: Thursday nights at Jax: up close and personal with a true jazz legend, the Jack Sheldon Trio. He comes with the dinner at Jax (you’re gonna eat somewhere anyway), whereas at Steamers in Fullerton you gotta pony up a big cover and 2 drinks – ouch – for the same show.

  2. Horrible experience! Cockroach infested. We gave this place three chances, each time there were huge (3-5 inch) cockroaches. They lie to you and say ther come from upstairs but one even crawled out of the BREAD BASKET!!! The manager couldn’t have cared less!!! It was ABSOLUTELY horrible! If you’re ok with that, the ambiance is ok.

  3. Agreed, Jax in Glendale is not a bbq pit or even a bbq joint, for that matter. But if you are in the neighborhood or otherwise up for a different kind of show, check out Jax on Thursday nights, starting at 8:30: the legendary Jack Sheldon and his trumpet, songs, stories and blue jokes. And the food, if not bbq, is not as good as some and much better than most . . . in Glendale. (Call ahead to be sure Jack is there.)

  4. Jax was a recommended by a reputable reader of BBQ Junkie who also participated in the 7in7. Everyone is entitled to at least one mistake… plus, I’ve already given him a ton of crap.

    BTW, I’ll get to the McRib when McDonald’s offers it again 😉

  5. Jax? Damn, BBQ junkie, maybe next time you should try Chilis Baby back ribs. Oh, I hear Mcdonalds has a mcrib sandwich. I think Denny’s had something too, or was that Islands? Can’t remember, but with that list you’ve got almost a week’s worth of 7 and 7 for next year.


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