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I found a great little BBQ joint in West Hills this a couple of weekends ago thanks to a hot tip from my good friend Mr. B-Stizzle. It’s a pretty small little restaurant with a long name; It’s In The Sauce, Texas Style BBQ Sandwich Shop. There is absolutely no seating in or outside of the restaurant, so be prepared to take your meal with you. But, also prepare yourself for some tasty eats.

The menu is basically BBQ sandwiches, as the name implies (funny how that works), and a small assortment of side dishes and a couple of desserts. They also offer some BBQ scraps, trimmed off of tri-tip, that you can purchase to take home to your dog(s). The scraps are mostly fat with some chunks of meat, but Gwen and Swifty didn’t mind at all.

The cashier was very friendly and accommodating and informed me that they also have two other locations, both of them in Ventura County (Oxnard and Ventura). He mentioned that restaurant in Ventura and has a larger menu selection, ribs and such, with plenty of outside seating. The Ventura location was also given much praise by Lee G, a BBQ Junkie reader, who says that it is his favorite BBQ restaurant in Southern California.

I had a barbecue craving this day that would not quit and the only thing that appealed to me was the BBQ pork sandwich (chopped pork, not to be confused with the pulled variety). My wife, well, she went with the hot link sandwich. We both ordered combos, which included a side and a drink. We opted for “mom’s BBQ beans and the “mother-in-laws coleslaw.” The drinks were from a standard drink fountain just in case you were wondering.

I was amazed at how tasty these sandwiches were. I could be extra critical here and say that the pork sandwich had too much sauce and you couldn’t really taste the pork. But, that would be missing the point. This BBQ sandwich was pretty good. It wasn’t one thing that stood out as great, but I think that it was the combination of the smoked pork, BBQ sauce and buttered French roll. That was it, a pretty simple sandwich. Perhaps it was just my hunger talking. I had a taste of my wife’s hot link sandwich, and I would say that it was better than the BBQ pork. A very delicious hotlink placed inside of a buttered roll with BBQ sauce. Yum. Be warned that it is a little spicy but not too hot.

Let me get to the sides. First off I should have thought twice about the coleslaw when I saw the cashier reach for the last container in the fridge then yell out to the guy in the back “we ‘re out of coleslaw, you need to make some more.” Needless to say, it was a little soggy but it had a good basic coleslaw flavor. The “mom’s BBQ beans” on the other hand were extraordinary. I would say some of the best BBQ beans that Los Angeles has to offer. Well, and Ventura County too. They got just the right amount of sweetness and are loaded with smoked BBQ pork chunks. Absolutely delicious.

I have to say that I was impressed with this small restaurant with a simple menu. I have since returned and tried out the BBQ tri-tip sandwich and the sweet potato pie. The tri-tip sandwich is ok, not as good as the pork or the hot link. The sweet potato pie on the other hand is worth mentioning. It tastes homemade, in a good way. Although not quite as good as my recipe it is worth trying out. If you have been to any of this restaurant’s locations let me know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below. I am curious about their Ventura County menu, especially the ribs.


BBQ hot link sandwich
BBQ hot link sandwich.

BBQ pork sandwich
BBQ pork sandwich

BBQ beans and coleslaw
Coleslaw and the super delicious BBQ beans.

It’s in the Sauce
7606 Fallbrook Ave. #10
West Hills, CA 91304
it’s on the corner of Fallbrook and Saticoy.
Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm, closed Sundays

It’s in the Sauce, Oxnard
1661 Pacific Ave.
Oxnard, CA 93033 #11

It’s in the Sauce, Ventura
2050 E. Main St.
Ventura, CA 93001
(it’s right across the street from Ventura High School)

Visit their website

13 thoughts on “It’s In The Sauce”

  1. Larry is right except Corky’s FDA approved Commisary is at Memphis International Airport.

    Corky’s isn’t even close to the best Barbecue in Memphis. Also; they cook their Cue in a Electric Oven and throw a few soaked wood chips in for the smoke. I hate Corky’s sauce; it’s too sweet.

    Corky’s in Nashville is just a franchise in the suburb of Brentwood TN.

    If a Barbecue Restaurant doesn’t cook over charcoal and wood I won’t give them my business.

    In Memphis there are a lot of other good Barbecue Restaurants including:

    Morris Grocery (Not a sit-down restaurant)
    10601 Macon
    Eads, TN 38028
    (901) 755-5804

    Germantown Commisary
    2290 Germantown Rd.
    Germantown, TN 38138

    Central BBQ
    2249 Central
    Memphis TN 38104

    1802 Elvis Presley Blvd.
    ph: 901.774.7444

    1762 Lamar (at Seattle)
    Memphis, TN
    (901) 272-1523

    The Bar-B-Q Shop (Great Cue – can’t stand the sauce)
    1782 Madison Ave, Memphis – (901) 272-1277

    Cozy Corner (Great smoked Cornish Hens)
    745 N. Parkway
    Memphis, TN 38105
    Phone: 901 527 9158

    Neely’s Barbecue
    5700 Mt. Moriah
    Memphis , Tennessee 38115
    901 795 4177

    2265 S. Third Street,
    Memphis, Tennessee 38109

    Leonards (Buffet with BBQ, Fried Catfish, and Southern vegetables etc)
    5465 Fox Plaza Drive
    Memphis, TN 38115

    Charlie Vergos – The Rendezvous
    in the alley behind
    52 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN
    (901) 523-2746‎

    Three Little Pigs
    5145 Quince Rd
    Memphis, TN 38117-6846
    (901) 685-7094

    Tom’s Barbecue & Deli
    4087 New Getwell Rd
    Memphis, TN 38118

  2. Is there a place where I can order longhorn barbecue sauce on line. I am original from the Spokane area. I do miss your sauce. Thanks Anna

  3. well, I have been to the Ventura store thats where you can see the pitts. If you want smoke its there. Its In The Sauce is the best BBQ joint I have been to. Out here in Spokane there is Longhorn and they can’t touch Its In The sauce. My Favorite is the hot link with potato salad and grape soda. Spokane, WA

    It’s been 1 year for you kids in West Hills! I stopped in on 9/24 and had a rack of ribs to go along with a bottle of their home made “HOT” Sauce. They are a (BIT STINGY)with their family made sauce! So I grabbed a bottle from the counter they sell. STILL for business sake one should offer more sauce with the purchase of a rack of Baby Backs…That kinda Pissed me off the sauce offered came in the smallest container that my thumb would not fit inside if it was a contest to do so! WHATS THE COST .10 COME ON GUYS OFFER MORE SAUCE WITH OUT CHARGING GEEEZE.Along with the ribs the wifey had a pork sandwich and a side of beans that are awfully small see picture at the start nonthing has changed. Hey I spent over $30.00 and received I believe a Big Snub! I was a regular customer when I was in the area.I believe that was my final stop.

    I STILL LOVE YOUR Q BUT Saturday was not a friendly experience.

    You have to bend over you offer pork and you are right in the center of THE KOSHER WEST HILLS… Hey not me 100% REDNECK HERE


    Thanks larrysCabin@Msn.Com A “BB Q’N NUT” here have 5 different Q’rs in my back yard but always lookin for a great sauce! Anyone know of A GREAT SAUCE?

  5. Just went to the (new?) Its In The Sauce BBQ Sandwich Shop in Oxnard on Pacific Avenue… My first time at this chain and its pretty darn good. I have had Hogley Wogley in Van Nuys and the Original Texas BBQ King on Fig and Caesar Chavez in Los Angeles and this compares well.

    I had the half and half Links and Tri-tip sandwich…. the french roll was buttered and toasted just right, the sauce was up to snuff. The tri-tip was tender, juicy, and just a little smokey. The spicy links were very good! Spicy, tasty, not greasy and just a little sweet as well… exactly what I was hoping for.

    Sides were good too… Cole slaw is good, crunchy and a little sweeter than most slaws, but the beans were the best side. Not the best beans I have ever had (those were at a hole in the wall place in Houston), but darn close, and packed with chunks of pork.

    Highly recommended… on my short list for a satisfying lunch.

  6. I stopped back in when there was a heat wave here that topped 115` 7/15 Perhaps I was in a daze but I mentioned earlier that I would try out their ribs! Well like the sign says as yah enter “Its in the Sauce” Finger lickin good!The next time I stop in I will wear a red T shirt and not a white one lol. All they need now is more room to park. They are on their way to success in West Hills. Dont be shy out there give em a try…
    HANDSHAKES larryBowers a Q” n Nut

  7. “Yvette” mentions Corkeys from Memphis that she had FedXd in from the West coast I assume? Those ribs she mentioned are cooked in Tens of thousands of a time and run through on a conveyor belt never seeing a “true fire” just mainly chemicals and other agents.Its a “factory” operation not a BBQ! COME ON! The flaming marks on the Corkeys ribs are cosmetic ONLY!! You have been duped as the McDonalds McRib Hah ha.
    OH CORKEYS hmm PooooH.

    I have been to their working store in the Nashville area and still PooooH!!!

    “Its in the sauce” on Fallbrook in West Hills does have ribs now available as seen in the signs while driving by on the 1st week of May 06. I will go to Ventura first to check out the method of Q”ing and then back to the Fallbrook store when time permits.Again good luck to It’s in The Sauce in West Hills. Im a Q”n nut..Allways looking for the best sauce to purchase and try on “Q”..


  8. As of last week they brought their spare ribs into the West Hills location and they were so smokey good I couldn’t believe it. I took them home and gently heated them in the oven and my house smelled like I just bbq’d. Next to FedEx’g them in from Corkey’s in Memphis I hadn’t had a baby back that good in ages. I hope they contiue to bring them in from Ventura and add to the menu cause you can never have too much BBQ

  9. Actually most of the smoking is done in Ventura and brought to West Hills. Perhaps cause we are the backyard BBQ capital we don’t get a lot of BBQ entreprenuers here. But there are some real BBQ places in the Valley. Bear Pit in Mission Hills, Hogley Wogley in Panorama City / Van Nuys, Uncle Fred’s in Canoga Park needs to work on consistancy of their meat products (too much fat) but very good.

    I don’t care how many BBQ restaurants there are. I have yet to find more than 3 in all of California where one actually tastes the smoked effect of a wood or charcoal cooked meal! I only know of one and only one place where one can get a charcoal broiled hot dog!! (WHY ARE THEY SO RARE??!!) The hamburger and hot dog place is Kip’s in Berkey. I can’t even pay a BBQ restaurant to cook my own bought factory wrapped hot dogs!
    Also; places that use a gas grill I DON’T CONSIDER BBQ!
    Baked meat with BBQ sauce is not BBQ! I am sick and tired of things called BBQ because there is BBQ sauce on it!!!!!!!
    Real BBQ DOES exist at all the Woodranch restaurants:

  11. I stopped in at (It’s in The Sauce) (West Hills) Ca the last saturday of Nov /05. I circled the parking twice trying to obtain the aroma of smoke in the air or a wiff of BBQ there was none and i was SUSPCIOUS and didn’t go in at that time. If I can’t smell the Q” something is up! As in a electric smoker or pressure cooked meat with the sauce added? Well a week passed and again i drove through the parking area at 11Am still no odor of wood or smoke. I went in side and ordered a pork sandwich with a side of beans also asking for a spicy bbq sauce. At the time I noticed no fire pit in the take out only store. There was a new drum BBQ outside used as a prop only! Along with a tall black mannequin with a red & white appron posed along side the drum. I finished the sandwich and was pleased with the sauce if it were with ribs and cooked over a real fire. As the sign said It’s in The Sauce!The pork certainly is not cooked there over a live fire! Also the beans with the same spicy sauce heated in with the beans no magic there but were good.I have to have my Q cooked over a live wood fire and not masked just with a rather good sauce! I wish the owner good luck in his West Hills venture.I know there are new regulations out for the use of new Fire Pits in LA.CO if there is a pit it is hidden and the smoke odor is well surpressed but where is it ? larryBowers West Hills CA A BBQ fanatic with 5 Q’rs in my back yard

    • The Ventura shop is amazing… Want smoke, you can smell it on the drive by… made me stop… family service, friendly….. The best BBQ I have ever had. Wish I didn’t live in Santa Barbara, I would be here alot… The macaroni is amazing too..


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