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Grandpa Fred

I had been hearing many things about a little joint out in the West Valley called Grandpa Fred’s BBQ. I got some emails and many comments posted to this blog, so I felt it was my duty to give this place a proper review. A few months ago I had try to stop in and have lunch, I knew the general area where it was located, but I could not find this restaurant. A BBQ restaurant located on Victory Blvd. shouldn’t be difficult to find, right? No luck.

I was determined to not make the same mistake twice, so I went online and found their website. After all, the first part of any good BBQ review is research. I mapped out the address using Google and found that it was right there, in the same area where I had previously looked. Strange? It turns out that this restaurant is a little difficult to spot from Victory Blvd., it’s actually much easier to find if you turn south on Variel Ave. and make a quick left into the parking lot. It’s an industrial-park-looking building complex, not what you would expect when looking for a restaurant.

Another item that I had found from my research is that their menu does not include pork. And they are quite proud of that fact. The Grandpa Fred’s website actually had an image with a pig and a big red circle/slash with the words “No Pork” overlaying it. I respect a restaurant with a point of view; it gives them a bit of character. As far as BBQ is concerned they offer beef ribs, links and chicken. There are quite a few other items available, such as rib eyes, fillet mignon, fish and a few varieties of gumbo (Friday only).

We went for dinner on Saturday, which, unknown to us, just happened to be their karaoke night. Can you say fun?… not really, it was a little dead and I hadn’t had enough drinks to really take advantage of the situation. The décor of the restaurant was a little bit funky, and not the good funky either. This was just not a comfortable place for me; I was definitely not going to karaoke that night.

I ordered the beef ribs with a side of collard greens and mac n’ cheese. I must admit, the beef ribs were pretty damn tasty. I really didn’t pick up on the smoke flavor that I look for in BBQ, but yet they were tasty. The sauce was sweet and it complemented the beef ribs quite well. The mac n’ cheese was a little cold and not too delicious. That was unfortunate because I really looking forward to some home-style mac n’ cheese. The greens were pretty good; the only thing that was missing was a piece of cornbread to sop up some of the juice.

My wife was a little more disappointed in here order than I was with mine. She ordered the hot link sandwich. When it came to the table looked way better than it actually was. The link itself wasn’t bad, but it was placed inside of a stale piece of bread. Unfortunately her dilemma didn’t end there. Her sides included a soggy piece of flavorless corn and some cold mashed potatoes. Yeah, I’m still trying to make this one up to her.

At the end of the evening there was one thing missing and it wasn’t dessert (yes, it was but we didn’t feel like ordering it)… they had no wet-naps available. Now, how do you run a BBQ restaurant without handing out any wet-naps? I don’t know. I really don’t like to condemn a restaurant with just one visit, we might have caught them on a bad night. So if you have a differing opinion please leave a comment. Thanks.

Grandpa Freds interior
Grandpa Fred’s interior

BBQ beef ribs
BBQ beef ribs

hot link sandwich
hot link sandwich

21040 Victory Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367-2601
818-593-4291 fax


T,W 11am-8pm
Th,F 11am-9pm
Sat 2pm-10pm
Sun 1pm-6:30pm

21 thoughts on “Grandpa Fred’s BBQ”

  1. Thought I should leave my two cents, as the last review was almost a year ago. My wife and I stopped there for a friday afternoon lunch today, and were quite pleased.Only one other couple was eating there, so we had the place to ourselves. Nothing special about the decore, but clean and open.
    The menu was extensive, and they use hickory as the smoking wood. I love all types of good BBQ, and we were pleased with our selections.They do not serve pork products, but have a great selection of beef, fish, lamb, chicken, gumbo (on Fridays)etc. You can get pita sandwiches, regular sandwiches, dinners, plates, etc. There are differences in their definitions of plates versus dinners, so ask before ordering. The dinners carry a little more meat than the plates, so we went for them. I had brisket and my wife had the chicken. You get two side dishes, and I had the beans and mashed potatoes, and my wife had beans and coleslaw. The potatoes were cold and not special, but the beans were great. They had bits of meat in them, a slight tad of heat, but really good. The brisket was moist, tasty, and cooked medium. The chicken was a little dry, but the sauce made them very good. Slaw was good. There was plenty of food. We left completely stuffed.

    They should have included some corn bread or rolls with the dinners, which would have made them more complete. All was served piping hot. The sweet tea was cold and no problem with refills.

    For those commenting about the lack of wet towels, go to the washroom and wash your hands. Bring the wet towel out to the table if you wish.

    Note that many of the patrons are African Americans, as they also love this Georgia/Arkansas type Que. This may bother some, but not us. Good food is good food. Their take out business was brisk.

    It was good food, reasonably priced, and we would return again. Give them a try.

  2. I’ve been going to this restaurant for over two years and the customer service have deteriorated throughout time. Just today when I was going to pick up my lunch I was just minding my own business when the old black lady who was working behind the pick-up counter asked me if I worked around the area and I calmly replied that I live out here.Well, after my reply the lady seemed to uttered under her breath something negative that I didn’t make out and went on about her business. I WOULD NOT recommend eating at this place if you appreciate good customer service.

  3. Went there for lunch on a Sat. Only one person eating at a table. Their was a large screen video being watched with ear shaking volume. Oh, and three employees were outside playing catch football. They all rushed in when we walked in. I then said no thank you and we walked out.

  4. This place has Killer BBQ and I dig the gift card/ loyalty card. They actually give you back money for spending money, very cool in my book. I was there one time checking out the grub and it was karoake night, saw, some other guy that had a great voice, then the owner sang a few. KICK ass time. I’ll be back.

  5. I miss you guys !!! This place is one of coolest BBQ joints I have been to. Soo many great things::: BBQ that is DELICIOUS, experienced Staff, Unique layout, great patrons, good beers, there is basically a small theatre inside with your choice of DVD. I left a great tip but I’d rather give send you some product I now distribute from My Wife Jennetta( sang a few songs there one night, so did the Owner! THis place is GREAT, and I hope it’s around for many years to come.

  6. Hey Oscar! I made it back to Houston TX and bought some bar-b-que from the north side, south side, and sunny side, and there was not one single bar-b-que restaurant that compares to yours. Ever since I tasted your ribs, bbq chicken salad, greens cornbread,,,, sotp! im gettin hungry……Just keep doing what you’re doin Oscar…..YOU ARE THE BEST!!! GOD BLESS U AND YOUR FAMILY & OF COURSE: Kelvin, Nicholas, Joey, Justin and the rest of your staff because they’re family too!


  7. Hard to find intially but the BBQ is excellent. Lunch is busy, best to order to go ahead of time if you are on a tight schedule. When you’re used to 5hr+ smoked hickory/cherry ribs and 1lb steaks, it’s a lot easier to drop by Grandpa’s because they do the dishes afterwards. They can sate a healthy BBQ appetite with their portions and the beans w/h pastrami are great. Try it, you’ll either love it or find a reason to go back.

  8. Grandpa Fred’s is the best BBQ this side of TEXAS!
    Its the tastiest great quality and the portions are AMAZING!!
    My fiancee atests this is the best as well and he is used
    to eating at the places south of the 10fwy! So..I’m telling
    you…the food melts in ya mouth!

    they just need a location next to Roscoes and they will steal
    all their business!! Mark my words!

  9. I love Grandpa Fred’s but my wife hates it. This has caused a lot of discord in our marriage. The Mac n Cheese is the best, bar none. Darren’s Ribs are great. I like to order ribs there with sauce on the side, cause they drown it. Guess what, every time I order it that way it comes drowned over the ribs. Screw it – I eat it and love it.

    They have a diabetic menu. Never tried it – but it’s there. Great people that make you feel at home. They should have delivery, but what the hell, I can’t order it.

    Peach cobbler – try it. Overpowering sweet but great with cold milk.

  10. I went to Grandpa Fred’s today & the filet mignon sandwich was tasty. The cornbread & mac & cheese were also good. The 45 minute wait for the food, despite being one of the first customers of the day, was not good.

  11. I managed to find g”pa freds bbq @ victory & variel,faced on variel (although it has a victory blvd. address. but it was sure worth the search. I ordered the combo plate with rib eye & chicken which came woth two side dishes, I chose greens & sweet potatoes & was suprised to find that the greens come with corn bread. my hubbie ordered the veggie plate (not a meat eater) and it was sautated peppers onions & mushrooms topped with huge portobellos marinated & grilled & i just had to try it. delicouis! corn on the cob & a salad for him.
    Everything was wonderful. the service was excellent.
    Ya hoo for G’pa Freds!!

  12. I visited the BBQ joint on a Saturday (6-24) night. It was karoke night. I thought that would be fun because my wife likes to sing. Ordering was not a problem, the lady who took our order was very nice and out going. The food took a little to long to get to our table. The side dishes came first and then we had to wait another ten or so minutes for the meat to be brought to us. It should have been brought out all at the same time. The portions of food were to small for the tableware it was brought out on. This gave the impression of “where is the food”? From a sanitary point of view some of the food was brought out by hand not on a dish platter. This gave the impression of “they are touching my food”. The food was excellent tasting, cooked correctly and very tender. The owner/employees were very nice and helpful.
    From an entertainment point of view the karoke was totally inadqueate for the room. It needs to be updated so those who was to partake can hear themselves. I think a few adjustments to service time and techinque could bring this BBQ joint from a 6 to a 8 in no time.

  13. I would like to thank all of you for you helpful comments and kind words. I appreciate the interest and opinions of all of my fellow hickory log worshipers. We are always trying to better serve our patrons and are deeply gratified to know that so many of you care enough to make your thoughts known…now, for those who don’t know, we are now stagger loading the smoker and running it six days a week, so that everything is pulled strait from the smoker (there is nothing like fresh smoked meat). I’m sure that my “Angels” will take excellent care of you, if you have any questions, you can direct them to my web-site at


    The “Grandson”

  14. My three friends each found GPF on there own, they eat there all of time and say its the best BBQ they ever have
    had. And finally it was my turn my mouth salivating over the menu, the choice is made it will be Ribs,Mac&Cheese, Tenderloin, cornbread,coleslaw and PeachCobbler.Needless to say I cleaned my plates. The ribs are tender&juicey . And the folks there are super friendly,I truly felt at home there its true home style BBQ. All you BBQ likers go to GRANDPAW FRED’S your taste buds deserve it. “BBQ likers go now” As far decor thats wrong choice of words to me since 98% BBQ are outside in back yards or parks
    I can’t rember the last time I went for BBQ in a 3 piece
    suit. Thanks Jim in Reseda

    Jim was there 5/27/2006

  15. I ate there today March 1st, 2006. The ribs ROCK ! I have been all over this country and these ribs were up in my top 3 !! I believe that it’s good to have a wet nap after BBQ, however I was VERY forgetful of the wet nap after licking my fingers practically clean and would rather have done that then give the sauce to an inanimate napkin which wouldn’t have appreciated it. :))) I also enjoyed The Matrix on a BIG screen TV as I consumed these most delicious ribs. There were over 200 DVD’s to select from too. This place is Great and I will eat there MANY times to come and bring many friends next time. Thanks Oscar & Crew !!! -James in Reseda

  16. Noticed that Big Mike from Houston gave a positive review of Grandpa Fred’s. Since the best “real” BarBQ in the country comes from Memphis, Tulsa, KC and Houston (oh, and DeValls Bluff, Arkansas), Big Mike would have some credibility in my book . . .

    Looks like I’ll have to try Grandpa Fred’s to see how close to real BarBQ it is . . .

  17. Grandpa Fred’s Ribs are the best ribs Ive had since living in Houston. Those saucy ribs are so fingerlicking good, a real man doesn’t need wetnaps! What a joke! So you and your wife didn’t like the decor, since when did you ever hear decor and bbq in the same sentence? Heck, I always thought it was bbq and beer! Grandpa Fred’s is a landmark for us truly dedicated to the art of The Grill.

  18. I just wanted to add my $.02 as I think Grandpa Fred’s BBQ is delicious. I had the chicken and my friends the ribs. We also had the collard greens and mac/cheese and found them wonderful…. food was hot, mac/cheese definitely homemade. We’ve eaten here several times but only at lunch (it’s near my work). Prices are better than most BBQ joints, staff friendly- and who cares about the decor??? I come there to eat!

  19. I ran into the same problem at another nameless bbq restaurant and was daftly disappointed by my sticky hands. I went to savon and bought some wet naps and keep them in my wife’s purse and some in my truck. They come in very handy for many things, including all restaurants, not just bbq ones.

    I would advise you and your readership to get some wet naps at savon or the dollar store. You will be amazed at how much use you will get out of them.



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