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Dr. Hogly Wogly's sign
Dr. Hogly Wogly’s is recognized as one of Los Angeles’ foremost BBQ destinations. Although it claims to by Tyler Texas style BBQ, this San Fernando Valley restaurant has become a significant ingredient in the Los Angeles barbecue vernacular. If you aren’t the type of person who likes to barbecue, or perhaps doesn’t have the time to barbecue, but are a fan of barbecue, I would recommend going to see the Doctor.

There are many offerings on the menu such a spare ribs, center cut spare ribs, beef ribs, brisket, chicken, links and more. You get two choice of barbecue sauce that are place on the table not the meat, mild and spicy. They have the standard assortment of flavorsome side dishes, potato salad, slaw, baked beans and macaroni salad. Most places you either have good barbecue and dreadful side dishes or visa versa. They also offer a pretty good sweet potato pie… one recommendation is that you don’t get it warmed up, or maybe that’s just me.

The portions are rather generous and if you are so inclined, you may get a doggie bag. Anyone who has experienced Dr. Hogly Wogly’s knows that their doggie bags actually look like doggie bags. No, not shaped like dogs, but more like the ones that you would take with you when you walk your dog. The waitresses have a bundle of plastic bags strapped to their apron that are used for leftovers. They scoop up the leftovers off of your plate as though they were cleaning up after a dog. No worries, it is then knotted and placed into a paper bag. Not a great mental image to leave you with, but it is all part of the Wogly charm.

Dr. Hogly Wogly's spare ribs
A plate of delicious spare ribs topped with a couple of sweet pickles. Sounds weird, but they taste so good. You also get a freshly baked bun along with your meal, perfect for soppin’ up the sauce.

Dr. Hogly Wogly's hot links
Hot link sandwich.

Dr. Hogly Wogly's side dishes
Tasty side dishes.

Dr. Hogly Wogly’s

Visit their website
8136 Sepulveda Blvd. Van Nuys CA 91405
11:30am-10pm daily
1 818 782 2480
or visit their website here.

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51 thoughts on “Dr. Hogly Wogly’s”

  1. Ur comparing Chris n pitts to the dr. ? Not only are they in different ball parks, they aren’t even in the same league!

  2. Dr. Hogly Wogly’s is very likely the best BBQ in the Los Angeles area. The negative reviews here must not be representative of most visits, because both my experience at Hogly Wogly’s over the past 35 years and the many people around SoCal and abroad that I’ve discussed the Doc with have been consistently positive.

    I was once far across the country, at a BBQ joint, talking ‘q with Texans, one of whom was the son of a BBQ joint owner in Tyler Texas. We got to talking about California and he proffered that there was only one decent Texas BBQ joint in the whole state (those Texicans and hyperbole) but that he doubted a white boy like me’d ever heard of it. This amazing place, he recounted, made brisket and ribs like real Texans and the mop sauce was incredible. Immediately, I noted he must be talking of Dr. Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas BBQ on Sepulveda. Sho ’nuff. He knew what LA locals already do: good stuff at the Doc’s.

    The beef brisket and beef ribs are the most outstanding meats at this BBQ house even now, years after the Doc’s family sold the operation. The spare ribs are excellent. The Chicken and hot links are good, but not outstanding.

    The beans are great, the bread is perfect for mopping up the killer “secret mop sauce” that’s only used in the kitchen (hint: vinegar, coffee, pineapple, molasses…) but the cole slaw and potato salad are just fine, okay, nothing wrong there.

    There are a few waitresses there that have been working at the Doc’s for a long time, but the old generation from the Cash-Only days are retired and gone. Service is what you should expect in a smokehouse, dammit.

  3. Just got back from Chris & Pitts in Whitter and trust me, there’s nothing to brag about! It wasn’t terrible, but not what we expected. The wait staff wasn’t very friendly (maybe it was the 100 degree heat?) Looking forware to trying this place out!

  4. http://www.johnnyrebs.com/

    Johnny Rebs has four locations, Bellflower, Long Beach, Orange and Victorville.

    I’ve been to the one in Bellflower and the people are friendly and the food is great. They have a nice to go family meal that’s priced at about $26 after tax that I usually get.

  5. Forget about all those Texas,Memphis,Kansas City BBQ Joints. And most those Left Coast places. For the best BBQ Ribs & Chicken Fried Steak Chris & Pitts is the place to go.
    2.5 Million SDM
    Certified Chicken Hauler
    P.S. Tex/Mex Sucks, Sonora & Baja RULES !


  7. You forget to mention that their slaw is made with dill and is delicious (unusual for any restaraunt) and their beans are made with maple syrup and are the most delicious beans i’ve ever had. Briscuit is fabulous here.

  8. I read this place was suposed to have great BBQ (even had a Zagat rating)so I went and the food was beyond disappointing. The spareribs were as tough as shoe leather. It was like eating beef jerky with thin sauce on it. I will never go there again.

  9. Dr Hogly Woglys is fine. Not great, but not terrible. Try a place called “Uncle Andre’s BBQ in Studio City (on Moorpark and Colfax). It’s in a strip mall and it’s not a big place. Not glamourous at all, just really good BBQ. Andre is from Louisiana, and knows how to cook. On Fridays they sell gumbo – but you have to get there early. He only makes one big pot and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

  10. Rayfield’s Ribs Etc. in the Santa Clarita area
    (866) 425-0046 is a mom and pop with wife in front and dad in back. Very friendly and so good they run out late in the day. They recall seeing you. Tri-tip is crazy good and soul food sides are fantastic. Dirty rice, greens etc. Web site seem to be down so Google name for more info.

    other choice is http://www.swingingdoorbbq.com/ but note that this place has poor A/C during a hot day

  11. I got to say, that was just not good. Portions were way too big and so were the prices. What about that dining room? The food was slopped in this sort of good thin sauce, but my ribs were chewy, and the sausage was dry. My buddies brisket was actually the only thing edible, but they were still not good. Sorry to dissapoint everybody in LA who thinks the Dr.’s is one of the best!

  12. These blog “review” things always crack me up. From the out of staters who swear LA bbq is garbage to those who scream about bbq prices, I say, get a grip on reality. High quality back ribs, brisket etc. isn’t cheap even at wholesale. And sorry, when was the last time anyone posted from the bbq capitals of the US, Memphis or Kansas City? I’ve been there recently and the prices in those states (and Texas as well) are very in line with the Drs. Yeah, maybe there has been an owner change blah blah blah, but I’ve been going for nearly 30 years and the docs food does rate with the best Texas, Mississippi, Kansas, LA or any other southern state has to offer. The best? Who knows, that is sooo subjective. I mean, the dry bbq folks would hate the docs food while the wet bbq folks drool. And crappy service? Hey, go to a southern bbq joint, esp the small ones, and have them eye you as an out of towner. Talk about crappy service/treatment. Peace.

  13. I moved out of Southern California back in 1979. We use to eat at the Chris and Pitts on Lakewood Blvd when I was a young boy (Back in the 50’s and 60’s) Whenever I’m in SC, I make a point to get my Chris and Pitts “FIX”. Does anybody know if you can buy Chris and Pitts BBQ Sauce over the Internet? I’ll be indebted forever. You can e-mail me at [email protected]


  14. There are not just two Chris and Pitts left. Chris and Pitts originated in Downey and it remains there, on Lakewood Blvd. just off the 5 Freeway. Another is on Artesia Blvd. just off the 91 Freeway.

    I’ve also been to the ones in Anaheim and Fullerton, and I believe there is still one in Whittier. There used to be a few more; I know one of them burned down years and years ago.

  15. These reviews are just not real, Dr hogly wogly is soooo good. The food is so good that when I go eat there with anyone we can not talk or hold a conversation we just have to eat. The meat is so tender and juicy drippin in sauce. Some people don’t appreciate a hole in the wall, and enjoy a chain with a fast paced style so this is not the place for them they should go to Chillis

  16. There is no good BBQ in Los Angeles. Hogly Woglys is bad. Chris & Pitts is bad. Lived out in DC for a while, and I would ask people where the good Mexican was. They would say, “Oh, you have to try this place. It’s the best Mexican food you’ve ever had.” And it would be horrible.

    There’s just no history of BBQ in LA. People don’t know how to make it, just as the people in DC have no idea how Mexican food is supposed to taste. If you want real BBQ, you have to go to the South. East of the Mississippi River and south of the Ohio River.

  17. Being the hottest girl that is referenced above, I will say that it was the best night of my life. The sauce dripped down my face and off my chin… the way BBQ was meant to be eaten. I would show you all a picture but then I’d have to charge you, and you couldn’t afford it. Now to call that guy again so I can enjoy more BBQ!

  18. I took the hottest girl I have ever seen to dinner here and it was magical. I hand-fed her beef dripping with sauce and it got all over her – very sexy. As we left, she walked ahead and I asked the waitress for her number. Being a professional, she declined. But I still think she wants me.

  19. I didn’t believe this place existed but then I was grateful enough to be school by someone far better than I am or could hope to be. He is a God among men and I can’t wait to dine on some brisket. Hopefully I won’t be faking it that night! I’m talking about enjoying the food, silly.

  20. I’m no idiot, I’ll simply not pay a premium price for food, only to be treated extremely rudely by a waitress who raises her voice at me and my party (when we’re being decent)… and the food has gone downhill. Order their sandwiches for lunch sometime, it’s the dry, tough old meat. a few years back when I first went there, it was bbq heaven, now.. it’s pretty disappointing and not worth the rudeness we got from that waitress. You can have it dude, I’ll be going to Ribs USA where the bbq doesn’t come to me as jerky half the time!

  21. Hogley Wogleys has gone downhill the last 10 years or so
    ever since the original owner died and it was sold to
    some Asians. Used to be able to get a mountain of smoked
    meat for about $10/plate.
    Highly recommend JB’s BBQ in Gardena(near 110 fwy&Redondo
    Beach Blvd.) and Joey’s in Upland, Chino, and Pomona.
    Chris and Pitt’s still alive and well in Downey and Bellflower, Fountain Valley -Whittier is so-so. Their
    beef ribs and baby-backs are incredible. Lucille’s in Long Beach, Brea, and Torrance is great also.

  22. Love to hear all the negative reviews on Hoggly Woggly. Keep em coming. That way I won’t have to wait an hour behind idiots like you who are crying for momma and her oven baked bread while I devour the best bbq between my table and the door. Peace my childrens

  23. I am going to have to try this Ranch House place out. I am down with any restaurant that serves good brisket. I have had Dr. Hogly Wogly’s brisket before and didn’t care too much for it. Thanks for the tips, Ranch House is on my list.

  24. Been there a few times over over the last 2 years. First 2 times or so it was semi-decent. Brisket was pretty good. After that, the food was just totally horrible. I can grill better, and I set fires to kitchens. I usually would get beans as side dish, I can get better ones out of the can now. Absolutely dissapointed. And prices are sky high, especially for this sorry excuse for BBQ. Waitresses were extremely rude last few times as well. You couldn’t pay me to go back to that place. THe two good ones here not far though are Ranch House (great tritip and brisket) and Cecil’s Ribs. NOw those places make me drool.

  25. I took a buddy and my gf to Hoggly’s for lunch one day, we had called ahead and ordered our meal to go. When we got there, we saw that over half the seats were empty, and just asked if we could sit and eat our 70+ dollar meal. A tall red-headed waitress was EXTREMELY rude at this point, raised her voice at us, and treated us like crap. Very snotty, mean, poor attitude out of her. I went ahead, paid, and we took the food to go but I only did it out of absolute shock, had I been thinking I would have just walked out. My buddy and gf couldn’t believe I DIDN’T just walk out. Very, very rude service. The lunchtime food also seemed to be left over from the night before, because it was rather dry and tough. I’d been there before and the meat had been tender and juicy, but the last few times we had been there before this (over the course of a year) the meat had been dry and tough. The quality is hyped, and the wait staff was so rude on our last visit that I’ll never, ever bother going there again. If you’re in the Van Nuys neck of the wood and want some decent bbq for a much cheaper price, check out Ranch House bbq on Van Nuys blvd, close to the busway.

  26. I have tried Dr. Hogly Wogly’s twice and I just can’t go back for a third time. It’s really at the bottom of my list and I don’t understand the good reputation they enjoy. After my first experience, I thought I may have gone there on a bad day, but after the second time I realize they are a place that I just don’t like. I hope my opinion will not be taken as mean spirited. Unfortunatly, I didn’t have a positive experience and the BBQ was so far off from my taste.

  27. Grandpa Freds BBQ in SFV on Victory Blvd, what a great suprise in the SFV! Small place but very friendly, with BEEF only menu. My Girl n I went just to check it out; we ended up changing dinner plans and staying for some very tender, delishious Beef ribs. (not rec the cobbler the day we had it).

    Keep the reviews coming.

    Checks BBQ

  28. Years ago when we lived in the Valley we would sometimes go to Dr. Hogly Wogly’s. I would rate their food as just okay and one of my last choices for BBQ. The waitresses were not friendly, the food overpriced and most side orders were not worth my time. I went couple times to the place I think called Ranch BBQ but was not impressed. I was extremely partial to Chris & Pitts and totally crushed when it burned down. Mom’s BBQ was no doubt the best in Valley for BBQ and down right food for the Soul. I grew up on The Pit but I also love Kings BBQ, Woodys and Joeys.

  29. I tried Jr’s and the pulled pork sandwich was very good and i thought the ribs were just ok. You have to try Robins BBQ in Pasadena it’s a kinda pricey but good

  30. Bread? Who goes to a BBQ place for bread? Ok, well I visited the Doctor and I will say, w/o hesitation, that it is the sorriest excuse for BBQ that I have ever tasted. The potato salad, as the reviewer above states, was the only thing edible – and it seems to be commercially bought instead of made in house at that.
    You can’t say you sell BBQ simply because you sell meat that has BBQ sauce on it. People seem to forget, that good BBQ is actually achieved in the preparation and cooking process.
    The meats that the ‘Doctor’ serves seems to be cooked in some sort of pressure vat and not actually smoked. The prices were higher than any other BBQ joint I’ve been too.
    Would recommend going to the local grocery store and cooking your own meat on a stove before dining at this POS establishment.

    p.s. the waitresses were less than friendly as well.

  31. This place is a sad excuse for BBQ. I have been to the best areas for BBQ – i.e. Memphis, KC, Georgia, Alabama and Texas of course and this crap they sell is not BBQ. Ordered the 3 meat platter (HotLinks, Brisket and Ribs). Had one bite of each and almost got sick – so much for $20+ plate. Only thing good was the Potato Salad.

  32. Ok, that’s just not fair. My mouth is dripping…….I moved from there to the East Coast, Boston’s Cape Cod. And believe me they do not have anything that even comes close to this food……I am having a homesickness for one of those BBQ sandwiches.
    Homesick in Boston

  33. Not to discount your story at all… but I have been to Hogly Wogly’s several times and the patrons have always been a mixed variety people.

    Hopefully they fired that waitress.

  34. had very bad experience at Dr. Hogly Wogly’s, waitress was racist, followed me all the way to my car thinking i didnt pay for the food, i told her i paid and went back to the restaurant with her to show the manager my receipt and basically made the waitress look like a fool, i told her not to judge people on simply the way the look the food was delicious though but i will never go back to that texas bbq place again, i should have known better with that company having that type of name

  35. Chris and Pitts actually has a four locations:

    601 N Euclid St

    15975 Harbor Blvd
    Fountain Valley

    9839 Artesia Blvd

    9243 Lakewood Blvd

  36. Hi,

    I found this site by doing a yahoo search for Chris and Pitts. Two Orange Curtain locations are still open. Anaheim on Euclid, near the 5 freeway and Fountain Valley on Harbor.

    As for the Doc. While the Doc gives you big portions, they are also one of the most expensive BBQ places around. And I wasn’t impressed with the sauce, the pork ribs or beef ribs. Both ribs lacked any type of smoke flavor. The sauce was way too sweet for me tastes.

    In the valley, Mom’s BBQ in Van Nuys is by far the best BBQ.

  37. I thought Chris and Pitts went out of business. Their store in North Hollywood closed and now all their bbq sauce is on the shelves of Smart and Final. It’s great that Chris and Pitts is still around. Bstizzle is right to list is among his top 10 BBQ restaurants in Los Angeles. And put BBQ junkie on blast to visit the place.Chris and Pitts really is in a class by itself and I’m glad it has been resurrected.

  38. Gonna have to say, I was not all that impressed with Hogly Wogly’s. Part of the problem might be that I’ve heard about the place’s legendary status for years and never got to try it. Something being built up like that may increase the difficulty of living up to its reputation.

    Right off the bat, prices were a little high. Now, I know it’s barbeque, and I know the portions are quite large, but the place isn’t the Ritz Carlton. Generally, when I hear of a little shack that’s famous for it’s BBQ, I’m not thinking $20 for a meal.

    Second, I was a little disappointed in the variety. Let’s take 3 items and arrange them in every possible combination. Not that it’s a bad thing, but the woman of the time (who doesn’t eat beef) just wanted a chicken sandwich and it just wasn’t happening.

    Food turned up being good. Nothing spectacular in my opinion, but it was good BBQ. Kinda skimped on the rolls.

    BBQ Junkie should check out Chris’ & Pitt’s

    Good BBQ, good prices.


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