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I was recently reading an old issue of Sunset magazine, from last July as a matter of fact. The article that caught my eye was titled The West’s Best BBQ and it featured some of Los Angeles’ top BBQ restaurants. I was disturbed by the fact that I had been to most of these restaurants, but have only reviewed one thus far, Dr. Hogly Wogly’s. For this I apologize. But, how can a do an honest review of a BBQ restaurant without having been there recently. Plus, what good is a restaurant review with out current photography of the food? It’s gotta look as yummy as it sounds. If you can’t wait for my review of your favorite BBQ food in Los Angeles, here is a list of restaurants that I plan on visiting soon.

Phillip’s Bar-B-Que
4307 Leimert Blvd. Los Angeles

Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs – BBQ Junkie Review
12244 W. Pico Blvd, West L.A.

13625 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks

Woody’s Bar-B-Que
3446 Slauson Ave. Los Angeles

Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill – BBQ Junkie Review
540 New Los Angeles Ave. Moorpark
Web Site

Lucilles’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que
7411 Carson St. Long Beach
Web Site

Dr. Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas BBQ – BBQ Junkie Review
8136 Sepulveda Blvd. Van Nuys
Web Site

By no means are these restaurants going to be the extent of this blog, but their BBQ food has earned them enough respect to move them up the list. If you have other BBQ Joints that you feel I should review or have recently visited one of the restaurants mentioned, let me know.

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  1. I too am searching for the Original Barbecue cole slaw recipe – clearly the best cole slaw I have ever tasted. My wife and I loved to go there for the cole slaw alone. I hate to admit it, but my secretary and I would go there for lunch, where we would each get a large bowl of slaw and share a pitcher of beer. If someone has the recipe, there seem to be a number of us who would love to have it.

  2. Oh, Man!!! I remember the cole slaw too!!! Thought maybe I was the only one. Glad to find out I wasn’t. Wilting the cabbage ran across my mind, and I also thought maybe they started a kraut process and stopped just as it was getting started. Whatever they did it was great, and I’ll bet even if I ever figured it out on my own I wouldn’t realize it because it wouldn’t match the memory.

    It’s been 45 years… how time flies!!!

    Thanks folks.

  3. Okay, Let’s correct something first. The cooks were Filipino not Chinese. One was my father’s friend and he would go to pick him up after work to drive him home. My dad would always bring home those brown & white boxes with the bird on the top, full of slaw & ribs, I could kick myself for not asking for the recipe for the coleslaw (our families favorite) but was just a kid and didn’t think I would miss it so much. We too, have tried to duplicate it to no avail.
    Can’t believe they didn’t reopen somewhere (we have seached for years). Heard Jim opened another restaurant in Sierra Madre and included the ribs on the menu although it wasn’t a BBQ place, more of a coffee shop.

    • When I was a kid in the 60’s & 70’s, my family used to frequent the Original Barbecue on Vermont. And boy do we remember the coleslaw. Up until the early-mid 80’s I would sometimes go there just to get a half-gallon of the slaw to go. Being the nice guy that I am, I would drop-off half at my folks. Our understanding is that they used to “age” the slaw in oak barrels. Other than that tidbit we have no idea what the ingredients were and have, like others, wished for the recipe for years. I have a feeling that someone related to one of the cooks will find and post it.

  4. Wally, Charlie, Michael, Gary, Jim, Christine and Norm (probably my cousin!), I, too, have fond memories of the Original Barbecue. I had the impression that the two brothers were from the Carolinas, though, but it’s only a guess. The cole slaw was the highlight of the meal, but the thinly sliced barbecue beef sandwiches (and extraordinary bbq sauce) was the best. Chickens were on rotisseries at the back but close to the front window, tempting passers-by. I have tried to track down info on the place in the past without luck.

    I’ve been in the business for many years and I used to carry Noonan’s back in the 90’s
    They went out of business a few years ago but they passed on the recipe and now I am
    One of the only suppliers of the authentic Noonan’s Ribs.
    They are the absolute best!!
    For delivery of Noonan’s Ribs call Greg @ 310 999 5399

  6. man i miss noonans too!! all of us do! I was going to call Owen’s to see if they still carried Noonan’s ribs but one post here says they stopped. How could they just disappear 🙁 To this day I really dont like to eat ribs because I only like dry rub lean ribs like Noonans!! What a blast from the past!

    • I also remember Noonan’s ribs back in the day. Spoke to my mom about this blog earlier today and she mentioned that Noonan’s had a 50-lb minimum order. She would go in with friends to buy 50o lbs and then divvy it up. Just thinking about them brings back the unique taste of that Noonan’s seasoning. And they were nice & meaty & lean.


  8. I too remember the Original BBQ on Vermont. The coleslaw was the best vegetable dish I have ever tasted. My girlfriend and I would get a half gallon to go and eat it at the movies instead of popcorn. I think they closed because that block was redeveloped. I would do almost anything for that recipe. If anyone has any clues, please post!

  9. Wally: The Original Barbeque in Los Angeles was on 8th and VERMONT, not Alvarado. I too am still haunted by that cole slaw. It was unique then and still is. I don’t know what happened. One day they were open and they next day gone. I recall the cooks being Chinese but the owners were some Greek Brothers. And, I seem to recall that someone told me they reopened in Newport Beach. However, I was never able to find it. I’d give about anything to duplicate that cole slaw (and the BBQ sauce) recipes. I’ve come close with cabbage, oil, rice wine vinegar and kosher salt; but, it’s just not the same. Please, someone come up with a duplicate recipe.

    • Chistina,
      Were you able to replicate the cole slaw? Please tell me yes. Wally was wrong on the address for Original Bar-B-Q as it was located at 8th and Vermont.
      Correct to that one day they were there—then gone. I was so disappointed.

  10. I miss Noonan’s ribs sooooo much! My mother and grandmother used to get them all the time when I was a child. There is a market called Owen’s here in Los Angeles on Pico and they sold the ribs there up until about 1999-2000 and then they stopped 🙁 I still remember that smell of the ribs while they were heating up in the oven. Omg best ribs evvvvver! So did the actual Noonan’s on Western close? I was always thinking to go down there but it’s not the safest area which is why I never did. Does anyone know if they still sell them at markets or some place???

  11. Wally and Charlie you are right!! The Original Barbecue on 8th and VERMONT, in LA was the best. I used to just order a quart of slaw to go and that would be my dinner. The best. I’ve tried everything I know to find that recipe to no avail. However, I know it was a vinegar based dressing. I’ve come close to duplicating it with Rice Wine vinegar, oil, salt and some sugar. I think those Chinese cooks were probably using just plain White Vinegar and oil. Part of the goodness was that I think the cabbage was grated and not cut/shredded. Also the BBQ sauce was terrific.

    As for the place itself. I know that the owners were Greek and brothers. I heard that they had opened another place in Newport Beach before the 8th street location closed. After that I wish I knew what happened.

    More proof that change isn’t always that good. If anyone knows how to duplicate that slaw I would love to know.

  12. What was the answer to:
    Wally Says:
    March 14th, 2006 at 9:29 pm
    Did anyone ever try Original Barbecue on Eighth & Alvarado about 20 or more years ago. This was my first BBQ restaurant as a teen. The a coleslaw was to die for. The ribs were also awesome. But that coleslaw. What happened to them and does anyone know what was in that slaw?? It had an oil/vinegar/or lemon based dressing. Very simple but what the hell they put in there still haunts me to this day.

  13. My mouth is watering reading about all of the Q joints that I will take the time to explore Los Angeles County and taste the goodness of BBQ! I have to mention Old Fashion BBQ located at 10510 S. Western Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90047 (323) 418-0950. The menu boasts sliced beef, pork ribs, chicken and beef links, chicken, turkey neck soup, turkey necks, rib tips and don’t forget the sides of mac salad, cole slaw, potato salad and green beans. I tell you I have had everything on the menu and there is not one item that I can do without. Check it out and let me know so we can get fat together.

    Old Fashion Flavor BBQ – the food is always hot and fresh!

  14. I was just reminiscing about Noonan’s. I googled it and this website came up. I grew up around the corner from Noonan’s and the smells from that place…. oooh weeee!
    Anyway, I’m going back over there soon, and I’ll let you know what I find out.

  15. I am looking for Noonans bar b q. Your website came up. It said the best ribs outside of Chicago–my home town. I am looking for a bar b q caterer for a group of Chicagoans. I live in Palos Verdes.
    Can you help.

  16. Still trying to get info on Noonan,s ribs S Western, LA
    any word would be greatly appreciated

    thanks for your great site………….

  17. Still trying to get info on Noonan,s ribs S Western, LA
    any word would be greatly appreciated

    thanks for your great site………….

  18. Wally, you and I share the same Love, and that is Original BBQ’s cole slaw ! My folks would take us there on the weekends. I can’t believe that restaurant just vanished. The BBQ beef sandwiches and sauce were to die for as well. Thank you for asking the most burning question that haunts me as well, what was the dressing used in the slaw.

  19. This is to echo Sam Rose’s comment about Noonan’s ribs. I come from a long-time Los Angeles family and we still talk about them and wish we too knew any place that still makes them. We’ve never had anything that comes close.

  20. My husband and I are big fans of the BBQ served by the church located on El Segundo Blvd, just west of Avalon. It’s located just on the border of Compton and Los Angeles. We think the sauce is great with the meat. I have not yet tried the turkey necks but I may after reading the review. I’ve been buying ribs there for years and I have yet to find out the name of the church so we always refer to it as “The Church of the Living BBQ” and everyone always knows which one we’re referring to.

  21. Benny’s is now known as B-B-Q, Co., but as far as I can tell everything’s the same. I found this place by the smell as I was driving down Lincoln. Personally I love it, though sometimes the ribs can be a bit tough. I’m no expert, but I love the beef sandwich, pork ribs and chicken. They deliver but not all the time. $5 for a sandwich, $10 for pork ribs long end. $2.50 for doggie scraps, mmmm.

    B-B-Q, Co.
    4077 Lincoln Blvd.
    Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

  22. I tried to find a place in Los angeles area and not one place had Bar-b-q fried wing in assorted flavors.I travel everywhere and In the northeast and the southeast. they have fried chicken Tossed in any flavor of barb-q you can imagine. How is it possible that Cali out of all places doesn’t have one of these joints. Please let me know where, Cause I’m about open a resturant for the real Barbeque Junkies.

  23. Did anyone ever try Original Barbecue on Eighth & Alvarado about 20 or more years ago. This was my first BBQ restaurant as a teen. The a coleslaw was to die for. The ribs were also awesome. But that coleslaw. What happened to them and does anyone know what was in that slaw?? It had an oil/vinegar/or lemon based dressing. Very simple but what the hell they put in there still haunts me to this day.

    • Wally,
      Yes, chickens cooking in the window at 8th & Vermont. The coleslaw was the best and haunts me too. Someone who worked there must know the secret solution. I just don’t know who to fine those persons. Their chocolate 5 layer cake was yummy too.

    • I am creating a history of my family and amongst other places thinking about restaurants we always ate at. The Original BBQ was my Dad’s favorite in the 1950’s. I remember the food, chicken, ribs, slaw very well. Sorry I don’t know what was in the slaw. But after they closed everyone in the family agreed it was so sad we would never eat the food there again. It was like loosing a relative!

      • I’m a native Angelino. We loved the Original BBQ! Their coleslaw was to die for! I wish I could find a recipe for that delicious dressing; I only know that it was vinegar based. We were sad when it closed.

    • As a native “Angelino,” our family dined at Original Barbecue (yes, 8th & Vermont) as often as we could afford it. I wish I had the recipe for both their BBQ sauce and cole slaw, both absolutely the best in my book. Here’s what I came up with that closely matches the slaw:

      Shred some green cabbage, “wilt” it in a few tbsp. of hot oil (maybe w/a dash of olive oil – didn’t try that, but it might be good); then mix the cabbage up with a small amount of DRY WHITE WINE + some water, a tiny dash of sugar & a bit of salt. If you don’t want to wilt the cabbage in oil, just add a small amount of oil to the wine/water/etc. mix; heat that mix to about 150 degrees & add the cabbage, stir & cool… and serve! BTW: for those of you who do not wish any alcohol intake, heating the wine mix to 150 effectively evaporates the alcohol (which “boils” out at 140+/-). Hope you enjoy it. NOW — does anyone out there have the recipe for their BBQ sauce???

      • Same here – Mom used to take us kids to Original BBQ in the 60’s when she could. GREAT memories! My brother & I used to watch them make those mile high sandwiches thru the glass and boy I can still taste them in my mind 50 years later! You’re so right about the BBQ sauce. I’d squirt a little on before each bite.
        Thanks Original BBQ and Thanks Mom for the family memories.

  24. The Church is the spot ( i just happen to be 1st cousins with the main PIT dude, Jack) they start smokin at 4am ! on friday and the size of these pits is just crazy you can smoke CASES at a time and the RUB is the best youll find in LA , try the turkey necks !! just ask for no sauce on them have it on the side , they use a bit of the rub to season the sauce which takes away the slow cooked goodness of the necks . those necks and a Becks and its all over, lol
    the best RIBS and chicken I think i ever had and i’ve been to alot of spots that serve up hard grissle with an attitude like “you better take it and smile” when ya take a bite and chew on it like jerky ya want to ask for your money back cuz you can do better yourself with and over and a broiler blindfolded . TIP if ya dont want to wait in the often longggg lines at the Church BBQ go early before 12 , lol and then 4:30 on fri and sat. they sell out , which is amazing considering the amount of food that is cooked people phone ahead huge orders and come to the side of the catering truck to pick up tray upon tray of the ribs
    SWIFT is the brand they use , those that know pork know swift is the best when it comes to spareribs no parboil here folks these suckers are rubbed then allowed a lil time to take it in then its off to the pit to get smoked
    to perfection ,SLOWLY

  25. OOH! While I’m at it, I gots another to share. Just love this place. True slow smoked over wood – NO STINKIN PAR BOILIN! Just good. Pops retired and went back east, but the family is continuing the tradition.

    Business name The Rib Rack
    Hours: Sun. & Mon Close Tues. – Thur. 11:00am to 8:00pm Fri. & Sat. 11:00am to 9:00pm
    Phone: (818) 897-5128 (818) 897-5132
    Specialties: Soul Food Pork/Beef Ribs, Bar-B-Que Chicken, Hot links, Fried Buffalo Chicken Wings
    Web-Site/Address: none 10755 Glenoaks Blvd. Pacoima, CA. 91331

  26. As MrBBQLover said – The Church BBQ just plain ROCKS my world. However It is ONLY open Fridays and Saturdays. I often plan my week around this fact! Your tax dollars at work!

    The Smokehouse, downtown, Is quite nice. The Owner is K-RAZY about his smoker, and with little interest shown, he’ll take you behind the counter for a tour. He ran a commercial kitchen for years and dreamt of running a really BBQ restruant. When he found this smoker unit for sale, it made up his mind to make the change. Got to love folks that show the passion for the real deal BBQ life!

  27. If anyone knows what happened to Noonan’s on S. Western Ave. in LA, since 1948. I would appreciate a post. I just discovered your blog and find it very informative. In my opinion Noonan’s made the BEST BBQ pork ribs (outside of Chicago). Theirs were the leanest & best tasting I have ever eaten–& that’s a lot of tasting! . They sold only wholesale (& on their doorstep outside) to a few fine markets and also to a few restaurants.

    • My father worked Western when I was a kid and if I was lucky enough I would go to work with him because I knew we were going to get Noonan’s ribs!!! The best I’ve ever had and I now live in NC which has some good bbq! I would love the recipe too!!!

    • Closed and sold to a BBQ supplier that does not use the same dry rub smoked method, I had noonans for 30 years every sunday at my grandparent house. Best heat and eat ribs anywhere. Have been looking for their dryrub recipe since they closed, nobody has it.Just memories now.

  28. After reading great reviews on “Zeke’s”, I recently visited the location in Montrose. The beef brisket sandwich was not bad for $10 (with one side) and was flavorable. The long-horn beef ribs on the other hand were a huge let down and quite honestly should be renamed to Long-Bone. I even asked the waitress “is there a lot of beef” and after many good comments on them from her, gave them a try. Here’s the deal, I don’t care how good of a barbeque you have, if there isn’t any beef on your ribs you suck! I’ve had far better ribs at Tony Romas in the way of having something to bite into and their sause is actually thick and not watery like Zeke’s. The ribs at Zeke’s were $18 (with two sides & a slice of texas toast) – a rip off considering there were no more than ten bites of beef and many bones.

  29. Some co-workers and I found a great new BBQ spot in downtown LA (actually in China Town!)

    Spring Street Smokehouse
    640 North Spring Street
    Downtown LA

    Everything is smoked, even the pasta, and the sauce is to die for! Although the inside is a little quirky the food is worth the stop. Next time you are in downtown give this place a try.

  30. Have you tried or heard of the following:

    Grandpa Fred’s Bar-b-que
    21040 Victory Blvd.
    Woodland Hills, 91367

    Heard they do not serve pork at all.

    2209 Honolulu Ave.
    Montrose, CA
    (818) 957-7045

    I think they opened a second location.

  31. Here are the addys and phone numbers of the places I have posted about.

    Prayer Assembley of God Church. BBQ
    442 East El Segundo Blvd.
    Los Angeles, Ca 90061

    Sorry gave you wrong info. The church is on El Segundo Blvd but Avalon is the major cross street.

    Jaybee’s BBQ
    15915 S. Avalon Blvd
    Los Angeles

    J&J Burger & Bar B Que
    5754 Adams Blvd.
    LA, CA 90016

    Bad 2 Da Bone
    4565 W. Century Blvd.
    LA CA 90304
    (310) 671-6600

    Benny’s Bar B Q
    4077 Lincoln Blvd
    Marina del Ray, CA 90292
    (310) 821 6939

  32. Mr. BBQ Lover, thanks for all of your posts. You have really offered some great suggestions. I really hate pre-applied sauce… especially when the sauce ain’t that good. I will let you know when I plan to review Jay Bees and/or the churches BBQ.

  33. BBQ Junkie

    I gotta tell you about a couple BBQ places.

    Jay Bees Avalon and the 91 Freeway. Great Memphis style ribs. Sauce is very good.

    Bad to Da Bone BBQ. Century Blvd about a mile or so east of the 405 freeway. Take out ONLY. $11 gets you five meaty pieces of pork ribs, two sides, and dessert!!! Great stuff though the sauce is a little spicy for my tastes.

    Every Fri and Sat, a Church on Avalon Blvd has a bbq. Take out only. The ribs and chicken are awesome. But the sauce is not good. Ask for it on the side or bring your favorite bottle of sauce.

    If you want to make a trip and compare both the Church BBQ and Jay Bees, let’s do it. Both are within 2 miles of each other.

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