BBQ Dessert…

Come on, we all know that nothing cools the palate or finishes off a good barbecue meal better than ice cream. It’s the perfect barbecue dessert. Cobblers, pies and cakes can hold their own when it comes to having something sweet after the meal. But, add a little ice cream and you have something tremendously special.

If you are not willing to make your own homemade ice cream (or just don’t have the time) and store-bought is just not good enough, this review of Cold Stone Creamery might help you make a dessert decision.

L.A. Dining: Coldstone

6 thoughts on “BBQ Dessert…”

  1. Spring Street Smokehouse

    640 N Spring St Downtown.

    The chef carries his knives home at night.

    Not as good as the “Big Joe Q” from Maurice Bessinger’s in West Columbia SC but not bad.

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