Happy leap-year barbecuers!

Yeah, the BBQ Junkie has been a bit of a hermit lately. The good thing is that my love of BBQ is remains alive, it’s just my love of writing is what’s giving me problems (actually it’s just finding time to write). I was just looking at my blog and noticed that my last post was during Thanksgiving. Wow, that’s sad. I didn’t even write about the smoked pork but tamales that I made for Xmas… or any other barbecue related items.
Four Q BBQ team will be competing this weekend in an unofficial backyard event that I am not able to attend. But, come April we will be having our first event in the O.C. (more details to follow). For now hang loose and I will have my first restaurant review of the year coming up next week. Thanks for continuing to visit.

6 thoughts on “Happy leap-year barbecuers!”

  1. Looks burnt.

    Use a Cobb Premier next time. I use it pretty much only for cooking whole birds, but the meat is always twice as rich and juicy. The bird on the photo looks dry and I hate that. Try a Cobb guys.

  2. I just found your site; I’m fairly new to BBQ (been working to perfect simple things like ribs and whole chickens) so I’m psyched to learn new tips, get ideas, etc. I’ve been anxious to try pulled pork, so I’m glad to see you have a lot of posts on that. I’ve tried brisket a couple of times, but the results haven’t been great. I think I just haven’t given them enough time.

    I’m in the Northeast, so the weather hasn’t been great for BBQ, but I may roll out the smoker this weekend if it doesn’t snow!

    Thanks and I’ll be following your posts closely and will be sure to share any successes or ideas I may have along the way.



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