Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs

Mr. Cecil\'s Sign

Through my powers of persuasion I was easily able to convince some co-workers to join me in the 7in7 and participate in an evaluation of Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs BBQ restaurant. We had two criteria to meet; it had to be near our job in Santa Monica and have good BBQ. Having previously visited Mr. Cecil’s, I knew that it would meet both criteria without a problem. I called ahead to see if they offered any vegetarian dishes. You can stop laughing anytime. It wasn’t for me, but for my carpool partner who is a recovering meat eater. I was told that they have a couple of vegetarian items, kabobs and such, but to avoid the fries because they were cooked in lard. I give them props for that alone. So on we went.

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Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill sign
The smell of smoking mesquite has often called to me long before the restaurant sign is visible from the 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills .

I decided to start out the 7in7 with what to me was an unknown, a stranger among friends. Not a complete stranger, but one that I have seen around So Cal many times. There are several locations scattered around Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange counties. Although I have often wanted to, I had never stopped in. Today, I am pleased to say that the silence has been broken. Today is the day that I was formally introduced to Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill. The humble exterior of this BBQ restaurant did not match the interior, which was refined and expansive.

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BBQ in style

But, why settle for cute when you can have “Big Pimpin’.”

Seven In Seven

So, to start off the festivities BBQ Junkie will be conducting the first annual Seven In Seven BBQ event

BBQ tri tip.

This preparation for BBQ tri tip is easy and delicious.

Baby Blues Bar-B-Q

Baby Blues Bar-B-Q sign
Baby Blues Bar-B-Q in Venice

Los Angeles has many well-established BBQ restaurants and some not-so-well-established. On a recent BBQ food adventure with a couple of gentlemen from L.A. Dining, the food blog, we discovered that you could find decent BBQ in Venice if you were willing to pay the price.

Maybe our ordering strategy was wrong?
… We were trying to order a little bit of everything.

Two plates to share between the three of us is all that we ordered, how could it come out to $23 a person?
… They were the most expensive plates on the menu and BBQ is never truly inexpensive.

Why was the food so cold?”
… We did spend a lot of time photographing the food.

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How do you spell BBQ?

BBQ can also denote an outdoor get-together where food is prepared on or in a barbecue.

Tri tip $2.99 a pound

I was suffering from a little sticker shock earlier today when I saw tri tip for $5.99 a pound at Costco… I opted for … Read more