Cook’s Illustrated

I just opened up the current Cook’s Illustrated and found another recipe for BBQ pulled chicken along with a recipe for grilled pizza. If … Read more

Barbecued Pulled Chicken

This is perhaps a healthier alternative to pulled pork… the other white meat. Wooo Hooo! This recipe looks interesting; I will have to give … Read more

Hosting A Barbecue

Here are a couple of hot tips from The Onion on hosting a BBQ. Thanks Josh for the link. The Onion article


This link has all the information that you have ever sought or ever wanted to know after about ribs

Barbecue Los Angeles

Los Angeles Skyline

Thanks go out to Mr. BBQ Lover, a fellow BBQ enthusiast. He has suggested many barbecue restaurants to include in the BBQ Junkie reviews. Another shout-out to my other readers who have offered their BBQ recommendations as well. Over the summer, I would like to review as many of these establishments as is possible. So, I am taking recommendations on any additional barbecue restaurants in Los Angeles or anywhere else in Southern California.

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BBQ Competition

Put your barbecue skills to the test at the 6th Annual Surf & Turf BBQ competition in Imperial Beach, CA.

JR’s Barbeque

JR\'s Barbeque sign
JR’s Barbeque in Culver City

After doing 7 straight BBQ restaurant reviews in 7 days last week (the 7in7) I began to have cravings for guess what? More BBQ. These cravings exponentially increased after seeing Sylvie’s post on her blog, Soul Fusion Kitchen, about JR’s Barbeque. She has great photos and insight into a restaurant that she frequents. Sylvie had recommended that I give them a try. I only have one thing to say to that… thank you Sylvie.

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Grill temperature

Hold your hand carefully right above the grill and count “BBQ Junkie, one. BBQ Junkie, two…” and so on.

Jax Bar and Grill

Jax sign
Jax Bar and Grill in Glendale.

Tonight’s 7in7 BBQ restaurant review was close to being a complete disaster. Someone in the BBQ Junkie’s inner circle had highly recommended Jax in Glendale. “Sure, why not?” I thought to myself. Jazz and BBQ would be the perfect way to end the 7in7.

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