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3 thoughts on “Apologies”

  1. Looking for feedback on two “BBQ” restaurants. First is one Elmer Dills reviewed today called Chick’s located at 23355 Mulholland Drive in Woodland Hills, any one eat there yet? Second is Flames at 9350 Corbin in Northridge any feedback on this Q-place?

  2. Howdy, I am a BBQ junkie and am interested in getting a competition started here in our wine country. I am on the board of the Santa Ynez Valley Visitors Association and we are wanting to expand events for our area. Any information would be most appreciated. Is there a provessional organization I need to contact? Thank you, Alicia

  3. I read your review of the Texas Barn whatever. Sounds too complicated. However, Zekes is in Montrose. LATimes has an ad in many Thursday editions.


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