Working on my BBQ presentation

empty_plateBBQ chicken plate

My BBQ team, Four-Q, has bestowed upon me the responsibility for BBQ’n the chicken in next months BBQ competition… man, we are in big trouble. So I have been tweaking my recipe around for the last few weeks trying to get it dialed in. I should have a final recipe ready to post shortly after the competition. If you want to see the recipe that I am working with check out my previous post on BBQ chicken. Along with getting points for flavor you also get scored for appearance. So, these photos reflect the fruits of my labor thus far.

8 thoughts on “Working on my BBQ presentation

  1. A note from the State of North Carolina. There is a new sauce made here in the Charlotte area that i recomend you try and see how it would incorporate into your recipes. It is called Carolina Pepper Sauce, a sweet, tangy, very mild heat level sauce that makes a killer finishing sauce for pulled pork, works on wings, and with Ribs. Just thought you might want to know about it.

  2. Do you guys watch sons and daughters. Funny thing about bobby laflay and grill marks.

    You’ve really made the most of that styrofoam. And good luck, we’ll be thinking about while we are buried in Strippers in Vegas

  3. We’re getting there. I tried out my new WSM yesterday. I must say, foa first go around it was very good. I need to work on adjusting the vents to better control the temp.

  4. Thats funny that your wife said that. I ran out of lettuce and my wife gave me the same comment. LOL. No grilling, just smoked it at a higher temp. on a Weber kettle grill.

  5. What did you do with the skin? just cook at higher temp, or did you grill it, too? It looks really good … though my wife thinks the lettuce needs to be more even (her comment, not mine!).

  6. I am working on the taste a bit, got the rub dialed in a bit and I am going to try a slightly sweeter sauce. It needed a little more sweetness. The tenderness was there, the skin is getting prety good too. I did two batches of chicken today and two racks of ribs… just for fun.

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