Steven Raichlens’s BBQ Commandments

Steven Raichlen, author of several BBQ and Grilling books (I was given one as a gift a few years ago) is also a “beer can chicken” evangelist. I am not sure if he is the one who actually invented the dish or is just its biggest proponent. I don’t really care, because it always comes out so scrumptious. Along with many television appearances on cooking shows he also has a program of his own on PBS, Barbecue University. He has a website/blog where you can get excerpts from his books, some recipes and, best of all, his Ten Commandments of the grill.

Ten Commandments

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  1. You can find the rosin for cooking potatoes at the Tifton Georgia Agrirama gift store, they will send it to you and it is relatively inexpensive and can be used over and over. Here is their phone 229-386-3344. You might want to check out the Lodge Cast Iron website for the pot.

  2. I am looking for a rosin potato cooker and the rosin to cook the potatoes in. I am from St. Louis. Any ideas?

  3. I too can not get to your web sight what up? Do I need to cal my PBS syatiom here in Phx to see why I can not get your adress? I have enjoyed your show. This is the area where my father’s family settle back in the mid 1700. C. Rohr

  4. I have an old rosin potato cooker and am looking for a location that sells replacement rosin. I remember my mother using the cooker and the potatos were great.
    Thanks for your help and my husband and I enjoy your show.

  5. I love your program (I watched for the first time last Saturday, April 29th, 2006 featuring a turkey) and am wondering what you can substitute for alcohol in your recipes (yes, I realize the flavor won’t be the same) for those like myself who don’t use in cooking (or otherwise).

    Thank you.

  6. Mr. Raichlen, I’ve been trying to obtain a copy of the recipes shown on your show of 11/25/05. They covered grilled ceaser salad, grilled artichokes, salsa, and a meat potion of which I can’t remember its name. Also, what is your exact online website locator? I tried, and was not able to reach your website. Was this the correct website? Could you please mail a copy of requested recipes to mailing address listed. Thank you in advance. Paul


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