Rose Bowl BBQ competition postponed

Our competition BBQ team, Four-Q BBQ, was on schedule to compete in the Rose Bowl cook-off on the weekend of August 19th …when all of a sudden we find out that it has been cancelled. There have been a couple of other local BBQ competitions that have been called off this year. This really sucks. Local events like this only help enrich our local BBQ culture.

Here is what the R.G. Canning folks had to say:

On behalf of R.G. Canning Productions Inc. , I have the unfortunate duty of informing you that the Rose Bowl BBQ Cook Off & Olde Tyme Western Fair has been postponed untill a new venue & support structure can be located.

We at R.G. Cannning produce over 200 shows & special events every year and pride ourselves in producing quaility family events. This being our first attempt at a BBQ Cook Off we learned some lessons.

There are several reasons we are going to reschedule this event, there have been several problems with the venue itself, such as wanting each cook team to obtain a heath permit, and not wanting to let the teams overnight on the property,and some logistics problems with other areas of the event. All of these problems did not come out untill recently, and we ahd hoped to work them out but at this time it does not seem possible.

We understand that with the rising cost in our country (Gas, ECT. ) that teams dot enter untill closer to time fot the event, but as I said this was only one of our concerns, not being able to provide you guys with the proper needs for you to cook overnight and things such as that really are a major factor.

We hope to announce a new date and location ASAP. We agin thank those of you who sent in and your checks will be returned to you by the end of this week. And a big thanks to the 30+ judges that signed up.

For more info check out the R.G. Canning website.

5 thoughts on “Rose Bowl BBQ competition postponed”

  1. Hey, Liv, what kind of bbq do you do down there in Murrieta / Temecula? What cuts of what kinds of meat do you favor? Any local fiestas or rodeos or other cultural / seasonal community events that feature bbq that we might attend? Seems like you might favor ranch-type cooking something like Santa Maria / Central Coast-style bbq. Watcha got?

  2. Stay out of the L.A. area- no real bbq’n going on there. Come out to Murrieta/Temecula,CA area where there are plenty of bbq lovers out here (my family included!) and it’s more of a “cowboy-ish, laid back mood” out this way. Spread the word to bring a bbq event out to Temecula!!!!

  3. Hey Caferay,
    You are right, it’s a big disappointment to see this new event cancelled (or pospond as they say). It sounded to me like they were going to try and let all the teams give out samples, which would be why they wanted to require all teams to have a health permit. The EHD just hates the idea of teams sharing their samples of food for comp. entries due to the risk of a break out some type of food borne illness. They hate Chili cook offs for just that reason and I am guessing, but guess to say they fear BBQ Comps turning into the same type of thing.
    I was in a Chili cook off (Malibu ) a couple of years ago and they did spot inspections in the middle of it, unannounced. It wasn’t a big deal, but it kind of throws you off a little in the middle of a Competition.
    This Big issue as always is the almighty dollar. From what i heard, a major sponsor pulled out from the Imperial Beach Competiton causing that one to be cancelled.
    Last year the Viejas comp had good prize money and promises to be just as good this year I think. A well run event. Check it out. Also, for anyone willing to do a road trip, Fairfield was real good last year too.
    For now, we still have to expect to do a little traveling to see more than 1 or 2 competitions a year. And with the price of gas!&#*?!..I guess I’ll be carpooling!!

  4. This is truly disappointing, but not surprising, since, in my opinion, Pasadena has no active BBQ culture to speak of. And that is also disappointing, considering the cultural diversity historic to the Pasadena / Altadena area. The other day, the pit boss at Tasty Q on Crenshaw suggested that higher rents in Pasadena don’t allow for traditional bbq stands. Still, how was the Tournament of Roses Committee able to put on a bbq competition at the Rose Bowl last January and now this event is cancelled? It seems to me that park-side food events in Pasadena are time and again franchised out to the same 6-8 local restauants, businesses which routinely provide watered down versions of their in-house fare without service at twice the price. But an open bbq competition, can’t have that. Maybe more facts will come out. Maybe Pasadena will open its eyes to a real cultural opportunity now fallow under its feet. Pasadena ought to sponsor an annual 2-day full-on open bbq competition with late afternoon – evening gospel choir fest. Invite all comers. Blow the roof off. Do it in Area H at the Rose Bowl. Now that would be sonmething to be proud of.


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