Photos from BBQ Practice

BBQ practice was great… we finally got the entire team together and Ziggy too. Sylvie was kind enough to open her home to us and we barbecued all day. It was a truly beautiful sight to see, except for my chicken. We were chewing the fat so much that I got a wee-bit distracted, and the next thing you know the chicken was a little well-done. As you can see from the photos we are tuning up our turn-in boxes for the competition. Take a close look at some of the photos and you might catch a glimpse of blogger or two.

BBQ_practice03.JPGBBQ_practice07.JPGBBQ_practice04.JPGBBQ_practice13.JPGBBQ_practice10.JPGBBQ_practice12.JPGBBQ_practice09.JPGBBQ_practice06.JPGBBQ practice photosBBQ_practice05.JPGBBQ_practice02.JPGBBQ_practice081.JPG

5 thoughts on “Photos from BBQ Practice”

  1. Things look great for your first practice! One tip that we got in our first comp was to spray the brisket and pork with a sugar water mixture to ensure that it looks moist; we tried it, and it helped a lot!

  2. I think we did quite well. Don’t knock yourself too much about the doneness of the chicken, we can easily prevent that next time. The taste was great.


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