More BBQ in Las Vegas

I was at the SEMA show today in Las Vegas and after a day of walking around and seeing the sights I was pretty hungry. What is there to eat at a trade show? Another convention center hot dog on a dry and stale bun sounds good, no? I noticed some BBQ grills fired up outside, so I had no other option but to go over and to see what was cooking.

I wasn’t expecting too much and that is exactly what I got. Mushy over-cooked BBQ pork on a lifeless bun isn’t what I consider good. I had enough foresight to pickup a few extra BBQ sauce packets when I ordered. They were quickly used up. I found that if you put enough BBQ sauce on mushy pork, it becomes much better than any worthless convention center hot dog could ever be. Top that off with a bag of BBQ chips together with a cold domestic beer and you have a well-balanced BBQ meal.

Being in Vegas has me wanting the BBQ pulled pork nachos over at Memphis Championship Barbecue. But, there are other BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas. I might head over to the Harley Davidson Café; they claim to have the best BBQ in Vegas. If I do go, I will let you know.

SEMA BBQ vendors
A few of the BBQ vendors

BBQ pork sandwich
BBQ pork sandwich with pakaged BBQ sauce…..yum!

BBQ potato chips
These BBQ chips tasted more like real BBQ than the sandwich

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