Moorpark Fall Fest & BBQ Cook-Off

First place brisket turn in box
First place brisket turn-in box.
I had the opportunity to participate in a BBQ competition this weekend, along with the rest of the Four Q BBQ team, up in the lovely city of Moorpark. Overall we did pretty good, 1st place brisket, 3rd place pork, 5th place ribs, and 6th place chicken. 6th place chicken isn’t bad when there are more than six teams. Unfortunately that’s all there were. We were all pretty happy with what we turned in and had a great time BBQ’n in a walnut groove.

Check out my photos from the event: See my flickr photos. Want to see more? Then check out Soul Fusion Kitchen‘s flickr photos here.

Here are the result from the competition:


  1. Tropic Heat and BBQ by Dan
  2. Tie Breaker Tropical Heat

Half Chicken

  1. 1 Tropical
  2. 2 OU8 BBQ (Todd Eves)
  3. 3 BBQ by Dan
  4. 4 Pit Stop
  5. 5 Papa Smoke House

Spare Ribs

  1. 1 Dan
  2. 2 Tropical
  3. 3 OU8 BBQ
  4. 4 Pit Stop
  5. 5 4Q


  1. 1 Dan
  2. 2 OU8 BBQ
  3. 3 4Q
  4. 4 Tropical
  5. 5 Pit Stop


  1. 1 4Q
  2. 2 Tropical
  3. 3 Papas Smoke House
  4. 4 Dan
  5. 5 OU8 BBQ

8 thoughts on “Moorpark Fall Fest & BBQ Cook-Off”

  1. Looks great! What kind of contest? Whose sanctioned?
    Only reason I ask is that the foil would be a disualification for a foreign object were it KCBS

  2. When it comes to winning at what’s most important at a BBQ, I think all of you had the joy of winning first place in all categories. The most important part of being at a BBQ, is having fun.


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