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Today’s Los Angeles Times food section feature story is all about beef and the butchers who provide it to us. If you are interested in reading more about this or just want to find an upscale butcher near you, check out their article.

The butchers are back

3 thoughts on “Los Angeles Times Food Section”

  1. The Beef Palace is one fo the few places left that you can rely on for good meat. They even have calves liver without throwing a fit over how cows are treated. We went to Henry’s market and asked for calves liver and were treated to a oration on the treatment of calves for meat. too funny.

  2. “Beef Palace Butcher Shop in Huntington Beach prides itself on being one of the last places to have the rail — the overhead track on which butchers can slide quarters of beef from the aging locker to the cutting room”

    B Junk – The Beef Palace is around the corner from my house. They have a larger-than-life statue of a bull in front of the store. For a nominal fee I can do an undercover review for you.


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