Just listed as a top BBQ blog

I’m not sure what Associated Degree Online knows about BBQ, but I am very appreciative for getting listed as one of there top 45 BBQ bloggers. Aside from this blog, there are plenty of other BBQ resources listed.

Saddle up for some delicious recipes straight from the grill masters. Exquisitely divine is truly the only way to describe these bloggers’ dishes. Grab some napkins and dig on in!

Check out the list and spark up your smoker:

click here to see the list.

9 thoughts on “Just listed as a top BBQ blog”

  1. Congratulations on your achievement! I have just started to compete in BBQ competitions. I specialize in ribs and hamburger recipies for the grill. I have 7 hamburger recipies listed on my website that have been rewarding for me (and my neighbors). As I use more recipies in competion I will post them when I no longer use them, even if they place. Unlike most BBQers, I BBQ and grill year round and have often shoveled a path to access the only appliance that can satisfy my craving for savory meat done right! Eat hardy my fellow BBQ fans!


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