Is it time to up your BBQ game?

There is always room to grow.

If you are serious about improving your skills as a backyard pitmaster or if a barbeque competition is in your future, consider taking a class. Yes, there are classes out there dedicated to teaching you how to make better BBQ.

An instructor-led class is a far better way of improving your bbq than simply reading a book. Books are perfectly fine and sometimes you have no choice. But, there is so much to learn from professionally led BBQ workshop. Any questions you have are immediately addressed. Seeing a technique demonstrated while you practice it is more helpful than simply watching a video. You also have the collective wisdom of the group as well as the instructors.

This weekend the California BBQ Association is hosting a class of seasoned BBQ chefs that will walk you through step by step the competition style bbq. The price may seem a little steep ($250), but if you are just getting started in the competition circuit it could save you years of aggravation and money

CBBQA Competition BBQ class:

If you don’t happen to live in California there are classes all over the country. Check out the KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Association) Classes:

There are a few BBQ related online video classes available at Chef Steps as well as many other culinary topics and recipes:

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