BBQ skills: how to cut stuff up

BBQ’n can be divided into two halves. Half, preparation and the other half is performance. Preparation insures a truly wonderful BBQ creation. Whereas a good performance will help you achieve nearly celebrity status in the eyes of your friends, family or that really cute neighbor. After all, isn’t that what really what counts?
One of the many steps on road to BBQ grandeur would include proficiency in food preparation. Like, what is the best way to cut an onion?… while wearing a pair of furry slippers of course! The following link will help you to understand what julienne really means and demonstrate how to efficiently dice a shallot. The illustrations are great and you can select whether to show you either right-handed or southpaw. Practice makes perfect, and hopefully your knife skills will soon help you in both preparation and performance.

How to cut stuff up…

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