Father’s Day BBQ Gift Guide

It’s hard to believe that we are in June already and with that comes the dreaded obligations of finding the perfect father’s day gift. If you don’t feel like getting your dad, a new tie or flannel shirt take a look at this Father’s Day BBQ gift guide to make the BBQ Junkie in your life a little happier. These gift ideas are in no particular order, and many of them qualify for Amazon Prime if you need your shipping expedited.

Father’s Day BBQ Gift Guide


1. Weber Smokey Mountain Roaster (WSM)

This smoker is also known as the Weber Bullet because of its shape. This is for the father who wants to take his BBQ game to the next level and beyond. The WSM is a very consistent smoker and allows you to cook pretty much anything that will fit inside. Pork butts, beef briskets, chicken, ribs… it does it all. If you need proof of its capabilities take a look at any BBQ competition and will see many teams use these smokers and succeed.

Check out the smoker

iron grate large

2. Iron Grates for his Classic Weber

Next on the list is this seemingly simple, but yet much-appreciated gift for your dad. If your dad is a classic old school backyard griller and loves his Weber grill, these grates offer a perfect upgrade to an American classic. These aren’t the flashiest of gifts, but every time he takes that lid off of his grill to sear a delicious steak he will be reminded of your thoughtfulness. Not an Amazon Prime item but they do offer free shipping.

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3. A Drum Smoker Kit

If your dad is a DIY kind of guy, then what would give him more bragging rights than building his own smoker. These are pretty big smokers and they cook a lot of meat, so you’ll have the opportunity enjoy this gift as well. This gift has free shipping but doesn’t qualify for Amazon Prime.
Get your drum smoker kit here.


4. BBQ by Franklin Book

What’s there not to love about Aaron Franklin, he’s all over PBS, has some great BBQ videos on YouTube, makes a cameo in the movie Chef and smokes a pretty good brisket. I have to admit; this one is on my personal list and (hopefully my wife reads this post and orders it for me). From what I’ve heard this book has a seven-page recipe for BBQ brisket.

Buy the book


5. A Decent Set of Horseshoes

Nothing says Backyard BBQ like a good game of horseshoes. If your dad likes to be outside and drink a cold one, there is no better excuse than this classic game. These are official competition grade shoes, and they come in an attractive carrying box which makes it a great gift.

Check out the horseshoes


6. An Attractive Set of Dominos

If horseshoes aren’t your thing, next on my list of cookout entertainment is a game of dominoes. If your dad likes to sit around with his friends and talk smack, this may be his game. Funny how so many games involve talking smack. This is one game that goes well with BBQ. There are also vintage sets that you can find on Craig’s List and Etsy such as these that you or your dad would love.

Check these out.


7. Beer Making Kit

Some dads have it all in the BBQ department, and this is where beer comes into play. I believe that most dads have a dream of someday brewing their own batch of beer. But the amount of equipment it takes and size of mess become a hindrance in the path of pure hoppy goodness. These small reusable kits from the Brooklyn Brew Shop are easy to use and a very hands on introduction to beer making.
Check out the kit here

heatresistant gloves

8. BBQ Mitts

Dads never realize the importance of a good pair of BBQ mitts until they start to use them. At that point, they are indispensable. These things come in handy when you have to move or lift grates on your grill, adjust logs or briquettes in your BBQ or just work with anything hot.
Get The Gloves


9. Coleman Classic Steel Cooler

This classic Americana-looking cooler is not only attractive; it’s quite functional. Your dad can take it camping, fishing or to the next cookout. It works at keeping your stuff cool, just like any other cooker but looks good in the process.

Get The Cooler

We hope you enjoyed this Father’s Day BBQ Gift Guide, let us know if there is anything we missed. Happy Father’s day!

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