Living in Los Angeles, California you find that the Internet is a great place to find oodles upon oodles of BBQ Information, but it’s not the only one. There is always television. I’m not trying to get you to leave my website, just trying to keep you informed. RFD TV on Direct TV and the Dish Networks feature programming such as Campfire Café, which isn’t strictly about BBQ, and BBQ TV, which is. Yes, I said BBQ TV. I caught an episode of BBQ America this weekend on PBS and don’t forget that Food Network always increases their BBQ programming during the warmer months. TiVo comes in handy when it comes to finding these types of programs but it is not a total necessity.

Here are some online links to some offline information:

BBQ TV website
There is some programming available online as well as a serious assortment of BBQ links.

Food Network website
They will be featuring the Reno Rib Off on April 17 and you can search their programming for upcoming BBQ scheduling.

BBQ America local listings

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