BBQ Thermometer, My New Best Friend

BBQ Thermometer
Redi Check BBQ Thermometer

I was a little envious at previous BBQ competitions when I noticed a couple of the BBQ teams were using dual-probe BBQ thermometers. I guess you could say it was gadget envy. This was especially the case in the last competition when I had forgotten my meat thermometer/timer at home. Up until this point, I had only seen them at the store and wondered if they were actually useful or were they just for lazy folks.

My histor of BBQ thermometers
I use a single probe meat thermometer and a separate gauge-style smoker thermometer which I’ve had for quite some time… they have served me well over the years and give me all of the information that I need. Who could ask for more? While I was at Barbecues Galore picking up some hickory wood chunk I saw that dual probe thermometer staring me in the face. I couldn’t resist… after all, everyone else is using it… right? So I dropped the extra $50 ($49.95) and got myself a handy dandy dual probe Redi-Chek BBQ thermometer and I couldn’t wait to use it.
There I was unpacking it and as my wife looked over shaking her head as I try to justify the purchase. Fortunately, she likes BBQ and didn’t challenge my decision-making abilities… this time. One added bonus that I hadn’t noticed, or didn’t bother to notice, was that it was a remote thermometer. I have a remote thermometer, that I have never used, that I picked up at one of those end-of-season sales a while back. It was under ten bucks and I couldn’t say no. These things always seemed like a gimmick to me, kinda like the BBQ set that has that fork with an instant-read thermometer built into it. Remote thermometers have one more piece than your standard probe thermometer. That in my book is one more piece that can get broken, lost, or just run out of battery juice. Well, what the heck, let’s give it go anyways.
The learning curve was a little steep, but if it gave me both temperatures it would be worth it. After all, that what I really wanted. As I sit programming this thing I noticed that it also lets me set an alarm for high and low temperatures for both probes. Sweet, so I go ahead and do that put my butts in the smoker and go. And there were the temperatures for both my smoker and my meat.
The beauty of the remote BBQ thermometer was made apparent once I went inside and started, surfing the web, watching TV, cleaning the kitchen, and just doing my thing. I could just take a look at my thermometer and have peace of mind that my temps are all good. It was amazing, just like magic. All of these years I have been going outside and checking my smoker and meat temps. Now I can do that from indoors. Yay! It’s just like using WiFi for the first time, you wonder how you ever lived without it.
Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase except for steep learning curve required to use this thermometer. I have to make sure that I keep the instructions in a safe place. I wonder if other brands are easier to use? I love what it does, gives me BBQ pit and meat temperatures from the comfort of my living room, just wish it was a little easier to use.

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  1. someone will probably find that it’s not precise enough and is adjusted over too high a temperature range. Cooking takes place over a range of 100-250F and a degree of inaccuracy of + or – 10F is not critical. Cooking thermometers will reflect this.

  2. This is the best unit I have ever owned, I will no longer ever start my grill up again without it. I could not find one for the life of me at first…everyone was out of stock and then I found the ET-73 at and not only did they have this unit but they have everything you need for grilling/smoking, including the dial thermometers for mounting to your grill/smoker. Wonderful place, had my order within 2 days of purchase!!

  3. Only problem I have had is in replacing the probes. The company has a line in the warranty that says the probes will be replaced for free if the fail. In talking to employees the person I talked to was rude as well as the supervisor I requested to talk with.
    This has been the only complaint I have other then the on/off switch breaking as others have described as well.

  4. Anyone know a website where I can buy one of these items? The single and double thermometer’s are both sold out everywhere and I can’t find one! Any help would be much appreciated for this rookie griller trying to get a step ahead.

  5. The Redi-Check is worth every penny. Two years since I bought mine and wouldn’t know what to do without it. I can finally set it up without the instructions too!

  6. Greetings from Oregon! I enjoy your site very much. One thing I want to CAUTION all probe thermometer users is this:
    Keep the probe away from high heat and flames! If the probe gets exposed to high heat or flames, it will damage the probe, rendering it useless.
    The only probe thermometer I know of that will withstand 600 degree F temps is the Accu-Rite probe thermometer.
    This is all based on my personal experience. If you’re doing competition cooking, you might even want to purchase one or two extra probes for back-up in the field.
    Keep on Smokin!
    Mr BBQ, KXL NewsRadio 750,Portland,OR.

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  8. Loved mine for the first 6-months that it worked. Then the on-off switch broke and I can’t get it to turn on. Sounds like this could be the weak link in this product. Well worth the $50 if it is working properly, and it wasn’t that complicated to work.

  9. Luv mine except for the broken on-off switch which I use a paper clip to maneuver. Keeping track of the smoker temp and meat temp at the same time rocks.

  10. Junkie,

    Have used that model for over a year now. It works great. Also purchased a dual temp for meat so I can now insert three probes into meats and one for the smoker.

  11. nice purchase. I am thinking of getting one of those as well. Dual readings on 1 unit is perfect, especially with the different alarm settings (even if it is a bitch to use). Makes that aspect of Qing just a bit easier.

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