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The BBQ Forum has started creating podcasts of interviews with the BBQ elite such as David Klose of Klose BBQ grills, Chris Lilly of All-Star BBQ Showdown and Paul Kirk the Baron of Barbecue. They cover off on other topics as well, but the interviews are where you get the little nuggets of info. You can access these podcast by browsing the Apple iTunes music store under podcast and typing in BBQ in the search field. There is also another BBQ podcasts by BBQ-4-U available through iTunes free of charge.

You don’t need an iPod to subscribe to these podcasts… all that you need is the iTunes player. The iPod is nice if you want to take these podcasts with you… to the gym for instance. When all is said and done you don’t even need to go though iTunes to get these BBQ Forum podcasts, they have them available for you to download through the following link:

go to the podcast download page

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  1. BBQ Junkie!

    It’s been a bit since I’ve had the opportunity to visit your blog. I’ve become quite an avid fan of podcasts, but as of yet hadn’t found any BBQ podcasts. Thanks for the tip!



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