BBQ on the History Channel tonight

Tonight on the History Channel in an episode of Modern Marvels titled BBQ Tech they will have a show dedicated to the art of BBQ. Some of the footage was taken at the barbeque competition at The Autry earlier this year. You never know who you might see in the background? The following is a description of the show:

An old-fashioned style of cooking, barbecue has evolved into a modern food craze and spawned a multi-billion dollar industry. We digest famous barbecue cook-offs and visit long-established barbecue restaurants like Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City, where the huge grills and taste thrills of true barbecue are more popular than ever. At home, three out of four US households own a grill. After WWII’s end, the phenomenon of backyard barbecuing swept the nation, thanks to inexpensive and mass-produced grills, including the kettle-shaped Weber. Our tour of Weber’s modern factories shows how they keep pace with demand by manufacturing more choices than ever, including portable mini-grills. We also examine the variety of fuels available for the savory selection of spicy sauces and rubs. Join us as we devour the mouthwatering flavors of BBQ in this episode.

I checked the times and it airs at 7 and 11pm on DirecTV, check your cable or satelite service… or just set your TiVo.

History Channel website

A Little more info on this show is also available at a fellow BBQ blog, White Trash BBQ. Check out his post.

3 thoughts on “BBQ on the History Channel tonight

  1. Every show on BBQ is always geared for hot or warm weather. I live in the northeast and one of my favorite things to do is BBQ during a snow storm. My neighors think I’m nuts but, my motto is “If I have to shovel in it I can BBQ in it!”
    how about some love to the winter BBQ nuts!!!
    Mark Jamieson

  2. There were a few 1/10th second glimpses where if you blinked you may have missed us. The beginning footage I know I saw me, but I thought maybe there was a quickie of you doing a turnin of the chicken and one of the Professor cooking also. The pork butt spraying near the end was ours. All in all I enjoyed the show. Did anyone from Four Q BBQ tape it?

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