BBQ Junkie Forum is gone

I decided that it was time to dismantle the BBQ Junkie Forum (not the blog, just the forum) for a few reasons. The only reason that I had put it up was because I could. Not a very good reason. Secondly I (or anyone else) would rarely visit the forum. What’s the fun in that? It was also getting spammed so bad I couldn’t keep up with it and I needed to focus my attention on the BBQ Junkie blog. The forum needed moderation and I didn’t have the time to do it. Who knows, in the future it may be reincarnated but in the meantime if you are looking for a few good BBQ forums check these out:

CBBQA forum

BBQ brethren

4 thoughts on “BBQ Junkie Forum is gone”

  1. Hi there! I’m Crystal. I am almost 16. 🙂
    I guess – beautiful name for this site! 😉
    It is so cool here, especially in this category.
    I was surfed about 2 hours before found this site. I think i’ll be here for a long time! :-*

  2. Hi, everybody!

    I think, that this is a great forum. Very intresting and useful.
    But I can’t find the search function, cause I want faster find the topics that could be intresting for me to express my opinion…
    Please help me with search function on this forum!

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