BBQ Competition this weekend

BBQ Chicken

My BBQ chicken turn-in box, work in progress.

This weekend, I will be my first official BBQ competition… and I am awfully excited. Seeing how addicting this “sport” can become, I don’t believe that it will be my last one either. For those out there that don’t know, four of us Southern California food bloggers have taken our virtual love of food and joined together to form a competition BBQ team. We go by the name name Four-Q. The funny thing is that none of us had ever met or spoken on the phone until we formed this BBQ team, about two months ago. We only knew each other from reading each other’s blogs: Soul Fusion Kitchen, You Gonna Eat That?, The Survival Gourmet and BBQ Junkie (of course).

The BBQ competition is this Friday and Saturday, with the awards being presented on Saturday afternoon. There are six categories in which we are being judged: chicken, pork butt, pork ribs, brisket, BBQ sauce and “anything butt.” The “anything butt” category is basically anything but BBQ.
Southern California is continuing to host more and more of these competitions. It benefits all of us by raising the level of BBQ in our region and helping define our own BBQ culture. If you are interested in BBQ, blogging, cooking, BBQ competitions or just looking for something to do come out and enjoy a weekend (Friday and Saturday) of BBQ at the Autry (in Griffith Park)… and meet a few bloggers trying to do there thing.

Now it’s crunch time. I have my list and checking it twice.
Here is a list of my fellow team member’s websites:
Soul Fusion Kitchen
You Gonna Eat That?
The Survival Gourmet

Here is a link to the information page at the Autry:
Autry Museum

Four-Q BBQ team T-shirt

If you do show up, look for the Four-Q tee-shirts, stop by and say hello.

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