BBQ Bagels

I was getting some questions about the KTLA segment where we showed bagels being cooked in a BBQ pit. The long story short, Professor Salt used the WSM (smoker) as an oven. He’s been working on the perfect bagel recipe… I thinks he’s pretty close. I caught him on film (sd card) talking about his wonderful little bagels. Or if you’re more curious about his bagels and methodology you can read all about it here.

BBQ BagelsHere’s a close-up of what these babies looked like.

6 thoughts on “BBQ Bagels”

  1. those bagels look good, but “can’t find them in NY anymore” is a big load of duff. i can get top notch bagels even as far upstate as binghamton, let alone the bagelmeister masterpeices at H&H bagels.

    i enjoy the blog, keep up the good work!

  2. these look amazing and absolutely made me drool. i’d probably slather bbq sauce all over them just because i could.
    or butter would work well, too. yum.

    – anne, intern
    who is now craving a burger.

  3. Cool blog~
    Wondering if you had a calendar of upcoming BBQ events around LA. I would most def want to try your entries, as well as others.

    Good luck.


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