BBQ in style

BBQ adidas back

BBQ adidas back

Why does fashion take a backseat to BBQ’n? Is there some universal, unspoken law that precludes the two from coexisting? To most, the extent of BBQ fashion only goes as far as a BBQ apron that your kids gave you for Father’s Day last year that has the words “Kiss the cook” silk-screened on the front. Sure, it’s cute. But, why settle for cute when you can have “Big Pimpin’.”
Adidas 25th Anniversary “Upper Playground” shoe allows you to be adventurous and expressive. A reminder that BBQ doesn’t just exist on a plate; it is a way of life. So if you find that you have an extra $200 lying around and don’t know what to do with it. Follow this link to the Yahoo store and pick yourself up a pair.

ADIDAS 35th Anniversary ‘Upper Playground’

5 thoughts on “BBQ in style”

  1. Good Luck – You can call Upper Playground directly in San Francisco. I talked with them this weekend and they still have a few pairs. But don’t be shocked by the price – they retail for almost 200 and on e-bay they run about 150:( I was hoping to get a pair for a cousin’s 40th Birthday Party.

  2. i want those shoes. where can i get a pair? can i bribe you for one??

    PS BBQ sauce is my most favorite of sauces. I put it on everything. seriously. I HEART BBQ. did I just say that? Nooooooo….


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