Grill temperature

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If you just got a new BBQ grill in honor of National BBQ Month you may be asking yourself “how can I gauge the temperature of my BBQ grill?” One way to do this is with the grill thermometer you got at last year’s end-of-the-season sale at Williams Sonoma that still happens to be in the box. The other way, just in case you can’t find the grill thermometer, is the hand count method. Hold your hand carefully right above the grill and count “One, BBQ Junkie. Two, BBQ Junkie…” and so on. The higher you count before you pull your hand away, the lower the grill temperature.

2 seconds = high grill temperature

3 seconds = medium-high grill temperature

4 seconds = medium grill temperature

5 seconds = medium-low grill temperature

6 seconds = low grill temperature

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