BBQ Turkey on a Weber Kettle Grill

It’s that time of year again.

That time to figure out how you are going to cook your turkey. Are you going to roast, deep fat fry, sous vide, or simply make a BBQ turkey?
In the past, I’ve suggested smoking your turkey, which gives your BBQ turkey a delicious smokey flavor, but this is my new favorite recipe.

Anyone with a charcoal grill can make this recipe.

I’ve smoked many turkeys on my Weber Smokey Mountain Roaster, but last year I decided to smoke it on my Weber Kettle. The results were fantastic. The Weber Kettle Grill achieves higher temperatures easier than my smoker, thus the skin crisped up quite nicely. You won’t even sacrifice any authentic smoked flavor in your BBQ turkey by using the kettle grill. One more fantastic reason for barbecuing your turkey is that it frees up your oven for other important things like pies, casseroles, dressing, and yams.
The second step for a delicious BBQ turkey is the brine. I have brined and bought pre-brined turkeys for a while now with mixed results. The smoked turkey meat is always juicy when you brine your bird, but the skin doesn’t always come out crisp. I read an article last year by Russ Parson on dry brining turkeys and was inspired to try it on my smoked bird. I have to mention that the turkey came out delicious, especially the skin. This is now my default way of making BBQ turkey.

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