Tri tip on the beach.

Tri tip sandwich
A wonderful barbecue tri tip experience.
Harborside Galley & Grill
The Harborside Galley & Grill

Most California beach communities are peppered with little local gems that dish up the expected foods of the sea such as fish n’ chips, chowder and perhaps some fish tacos. Some will go as far as offer burgers and hot dogs. Occasionally you come across one that goes against what is expected and offers something outstanding.

Even though it’s not a typical BBQ joint The Harborside Galley & Grill, which is located in Oxnard at the Channel Islands Harbor, offers up a stunning interpretation of the classic tri tip sandwich. The tri tip is cooked over mesquite coals, which imparts a wonderful smokiness to the meat. It is then sliced very thin and packed into French roll with lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayo. It’s not what I would have imagined for a tri tip sandwich, but delightful none-the-less. The surprising thing about this sandwich is that despite the amount of condiments, the flavor of the lightly smoked tri tip is present in every bite.

Don’t expect much in the way of a restaurant, it is nothing more than a walk-up window and a picnic table. Although, if you choose to, you have your food order delivered to the Rudder Room next door. It’s a bar that has been a favorite of locals for years with cheep drinks, friendly service and a beautiful view of the Channel Islands. If you happen to find yourself in the Channel Islands Harbor, I would definitely recommend having lunch here.

Harborside Galley & Grill
(805) 815-3166
2929 Ocean Dr
Oxnard, CA 93035

BBQ Dessert…

Come on, we all know that nothing cools the palate or finishes off a good barbecue meal better than ice cream. It’s the perfect barbecue dessert. Cobblers, pies and cakes can hold their own when it comes to having something sweet after the meal. But, add a little ice cream and you have something tremendously special.

If you are not willing to make your own homemade ice cream (or just don’t have the time) and store-bought is just not good enough, this review of Cold Stone Creamery might help you make a dessert decision.

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