Tasty Q Barbeque

A while back had the pleasure of escorting Kevin, a freelance writer for Variety Magazine, to a couple of BBQ joints around Los Angeles. He was on a BBQ odyssey of his own in this great city and I was fortunate enough to accompany him to a couple of his pit stops. He offered me free BBQ in exchange for an open dialogue on this subject. How could I resist?

It was a Tuesday evening and he had decided that we should try Tasty Q on Crenshaw. This was a restaurant that I had never been to, so I was totally down with the idea. We weathered the evening traffic and found ourselves confronted with an affliction common to many BBQ restaurants… irregular hours. For some unspecified reason they are closed on Tuesdays, this wasn’t the best start a BBQ adventure but fortunately we were resourceful. We resorted to an on-the-fly plan B, Bad to da Bone BBQ on Century Blvd., but that will be the subject of another post. We knew that eventually we would have to return to Tasty Q, so we rescheduled for a lunch meeting.

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9 On The Town

I just had this sent to me, it is KCAL’s own 9 On The Town BBQ restaurant list. I don’t necessarily agree with their list, but it is good to see a differing opinion. I would have liked to have Phillip’s or Woody’s on it. Oh well, to each their own. I haven’t been to some of the restaurants on the list, so I will reserve any additional comments until I visit them.

check out their list

If you want to see their other Top 9 lists, such as Top 9 Martinis, click here.

BBQ King

BBQ King, Los Angeles

What better way is there to finish up a trip to downtown Los Angeles, than with some BBQ? My first inclination was to take my wife (Cutty) and my niece (Missy) over to the Spring Street Smokehouse, but it seems that they are closed on Sunday. Fortunately, I had a plan B that wasn’t too far away. A quick right turn on Cesar Chavez Ave. and a few blocks up the street turns into Sunset. You go a little further to Figueroa St. and there is the BBQ King restaurant. I had driven by BBQ king after leaving Dodger Stadium once and have wanted to stop by ever since. It was as though the moons were aligned.

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Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que


Imagine my delight when, after a tiring evening of Christmas shopping in 2nd street in Long Beach, we walked past Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ. Of course we had to stop and go inside for some good old BBQ.

At 8:30 on Monday night they still had a wait, we knew we were in for some delicious food. From the lobby we could see (and smell) the hickory wood smoker. My mouth was watering before we even sat down.

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It’s In The Sauce


I found a great little BBQ joint in West Hills this a couple of weekends ago thanks to a hot tip from my good friend Mr. B-Stizzle. It’s a pretty small little restaurant with a long name; It’s In The Sauce, Texas Style BBQ Sandwich Shop. There is absolutely no seating in or outside of the restaurant, so be prepared to take your meal with you. But, also prepare yourself for some tasty eats.

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Grandpa Fred’s BBQ

Grandpa Fred

I had been hearing many things about a little joint out in the West Valley called Grandpa Fred’s BBQ. I got some emails and many comments posted to this blog, so I felt it was my duty to give this place a proper review. A few months ago I had try to stop in and have lunch, I knew the general area where it was located, but I could not find this restaurant. A BBQ restaurant located on Victory Blvd. shouldn’t be difficult to find, right? No luck.

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Memphis Championship Barbecue

Memphis Championship Barbecue sign

My wife and I were in Las Vegas earlier this month visiting some family. I had to ask the obvious question of “where is the best BBQ in Las Vegas?” My nephew Alex quickly recommended a place called Memphis Championship Barbecue. With four locations around Las Vegas he finds it easy to eat there often and loves their pulled pork. So we asked him to show us the way.

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Barbecue Los Angeles

Los Angeles Skyline

Thanks go out to Mr. BBQ Lover, a fellow BBQ enthusiast. He has suggested many barbecue restaurants to include in the BBQ Junkie reviews. Another shout-out to my other readers who have offered their BBQ recommendations as well. Over the summer, I would like to review as many of these establishments as is possible. So, I am taking recommendations on any additional barbecue restaurants in Los Angeles or anywhere else in Southern California.

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