What do wife swapping and BBQ have in common?

The answer is a hit reality show that is looking to cast family with competition BBQ in their blood. Actually, only one member needs to be a competition BBQ’r. You also need to have at least one child that is between the ages of 7 and 17. You know how that old saying goes… a family that BBQs together, stays together. Good luck and break a leg.

Here are the details:

BBQ Cooking Competitors/Enthusiasts!

Casting Directors for ABC TV’s hit reality show, “Wife Swap,” are now conducting national searches for fun, dynamic, outgoing and interesting families to star on Season 5 of “Wife Swap”.

• Do you or all of your family members BBQ competitively?
• Would you like to share your passion for BBQ-ing with another family?
• Would you be excited about the chance to change the life of a deserving family or improve your own?
• Interested families must have children living at home between the ages of 7 and 17 (you can have older and younger kids but you must have at least one child in the required age range)

If so, we’d love to consider you for prime time!!!!

To apply or get more information contact us today:
(TEL.) 646 747 7947
(EMAIL) [email protected]

**Family must complete taping & show must air**


BBQ Judging Class… This Weekend!!!

That’s right, there is a BBQ Judging class this weekend at Throw Backs Bar & Grill in Anaheim. These events are quite a rarity in SoCal and this one only has five spots left (as of this morning). BBQ Judging classes aren’t just about judging, you learn a lot about BBQ tradition and competition… and you get to sample some too. If you do compete (perhaps in the upcoming Que’n for Kids BBQ competition?), it’s a great look behind the magic curtain of judging and you can gain valuable insight to use in future competitions.

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Something Delicious

BBQ Junkie is going through a slight redesign. I’m pretty much changing everything, except for all the wonderful posts and comments that have been made in the past. Some things are still getting worked out, but will be resolved over time. For instance, this new WordPress template supports tags, but none of my old posts contain them. So, I’m adding them slowly over the next few months.

I also intend to update this more frequently… what exactly does that mean? I’m not sure, but BBQ season is right around the corner and there is much to write about. So, for now if you like the new template…. or don’t like it, please let me know.


BBQ Thanksgiving

Last year’s Thanksgiving was wonderful, not only because it was my daughter’s first, but because we had some great smoked turkey. I have gotten some great suggestions in the comment section of last year’s post that I am going to incorporate this year… and a couple of new things that I’m going to try out just for kicks.
One thing that came to me this year in the Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer was that they are offering brined all-natural fresh turkeys. That’s right! No thawing, no brining, no mess! It seems that Thanksgiving gets easier every year. I am also working on a cranberry BBQ sauce experiment… we’ll see how that goes 🙂
The other suggestion that was giving to me by Ms. Laura H., a co-worker/Georgia transplant, was to cover the skin with mayonnaise. It supposedly gives the skin some extra flavor and an irresistible crunch. I’m still in the process of researching that technique. She says her father does it on a Big Green Egg every year and that it is simply wonderful. I’ll keep y’all (to quote my co-worker) posted.

Looking for more brine recipes for your Thanksgiving Day dinner? Try our dry-brined turkey cooked on a Weber Kettle grill.

Art and BBQ

Big Mista getting his ribs ready for turn in
Big Mista getting his ribs ready.

here is a letter that my BBQ teammate sent me about an event happening this weekend in the Pasadena area:


I just wanted to send out a quick note to let you know that Bigmista’s Barbecue will be cooking at the 31st Annual Pasadena Fall Arts Festival.

The festival will run from 10 am to 5 pm on November 8th and 9th. Come see some of Southern California’s Arts and craft and enjoy some of our delicious BBQ.

We will be serving moist pulled pork, spicy chopped chicken, extra tender spare ribs, juicy tri-tip and freshly smoked chicken links. All of this will be served up with Bigmista’s Secret Sauce. I’ll bet your mouth is watering already!

Don’t miss out on this great event! Put it on your calendar now! It will all be happening in front of the Pasadena City Hall on Holly and Garfield in Pasadena. Come early. Stay late. Bring your friends and family!

Looking forward to seeing you!


I’m sure that his BBQ will be delicious, like always.

Kinda funny BBQ video.

I’m not one who usually forwards along the funny joke or video. I’m just not that guy. But this one seems more than appropriate for this blog. The thing that makes it interesting is trying to guess the name of the actor.

When you get tired of guessing you might want to take part in this contest. It’s all part of a Honda Pilot promotion on YouTube. Feel free to submit your own DIY video for a chance to win some cha-ching here:


Four Q BBQ Team wins People’s Choice

BBQ Junkie is not pictured 🙁 … see all of the photos here

The Wishland Foundation’s BBQ Competition, Que’n For The Kids, that took place this last weekend was pretty awesome. It was my first competition where we had to do a peoples choice category and we won it with a decisive “landslide” victory. People’s Choice is a great category to compete in because we get to meet with many BBQ fans and the public loves it because they get to sample competition-style BBQ. We placed fourth overall and got 6th in chicken, 4th in ribs and 7th in brisket. GO TEAM!

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Wishland’s Que’n for Kids this Saturday

The Wishland Foundation along with the California BBQ Association are putting on Orange County’s first-ever BBQ competition on Saturday April 19th. The festivities go from 11am to 4pm at Canyon RV Park at Featherly Park (91 Fwy. At Gypsum Canyon Rd. www.canyonrvpark.com) and are free to the public (parking is $5). Music, entertainment and a children’s activity area… what else could you want?… oh yeah, and super delicious BBQ.
Four Q BBQ team, me included, will be representin’ at this competition along with 22 other teams. It will be the first time this year that the entire team is cooking together. The rest of the team (minus me) has been doing really good this year; I hope that I can keep up. Aside from this being a great event for a wonderful cause full of pure BBQ bliss, the public will also be allowed to taste authentic competition-style BBQ and vote in a the people’s choice award. The tasting packages start at $10.
If you happen to go to this event stop by the Four Q BBQ Team booth and say hello. Hope to see y’all there.

Wishland’s Que’n for Kids (wisland.org)
Saturday April 19th from 11am to 4pm
Admission is FREE! Parking is $5.00
Tasting Packages start at $10.00

Canyon RV Park at Featherly Park
91 Fwy. At Gypsum Canyon Rd.
(Canyon RV Park is located just north of the 91 Frwy on the Santa Ana River under the Gypsum Canyon Bridge. Just Exit the 91 freeway and Gypsum Canyon Rd and enter the park on the North side of the frwy.)

Wishland’s mission is to provide assistance and cherished moments to seriously ill children and their families.

Happy leap-year barbecuers!

Yeah, the BBQ Junkie has been a bit of a hermit lately. The good thing is that my love of BBQ is remains alive, it’s just my love of writing is what’s giving me problems (actually it’s just finding time to write). I was just looking at my blog and noticed that my last post was during Thanksgiving. Wow, that’s sad. I didn’t even write about the smoked pork but tamales that I made for Xmas… or any other barbecue related items.
Four Q BBQ team will be competing this weekend in an unofficial backyard event that I am not able to attend. But, come April we will be having our first event in the O.C. (more details to follow). For now hang loose and I will have my first restaurant review of the year coming up next week. Thanks for continuing to visit.

Smoked Turkey

Smoked Turkey
Thanksgiving Day Smoked turkey with a BBQ rub.

This was one of my first smoked turkeys; the other one is on the bottom grate. I was trying to get out of doing the BBQ turkey all together just because of all the craziness that having a new baby brings, but my family wasn’t going to allow that. Plus, the baby isn’t that new anymore and I should be able to work within this so-called “craziness”
I must say, that I was impressed with the results and nothing could have been easier. This was especially true of the clean up, no roasting pans to scrub! YAY!
My smoker (WSM) fits two small birds, about 12lbs. each. I like the smaller birds for a few different reasons. First, they cook faster. Second the meat to skin ratio is more to my liking. Third, the drumsticks are way more manageable. They’re smaller and you have four of them.

What I did:
Generously rubbed some BBQ seasoning all over the birds (nothing special, just some extra BBQ rub that I had in a jar).
Got my smoker up to temperature and added some hickory chunks to the coals.
Smoked two turkeys at about 230º for about 9 hours (the time will vary)
Placed them in an aluminum tray, wrapped them in foil and sent them to the in-laws.

If I were to make some adjustments here is what I would do next year:

Brine: First off, the birds were still a little frozen the day before the smoking, so I ended up not brining them, which I usually do. The meat could have used a little more saltiness and moisture, but isn’t that what gravy is for?

Inject the bird: I didn’t bother to inject, but I should have. This would have delivered some additional flavor deep into the meat. Especially in the breast.

Gravy: find a way to get some pan drippings from the smoked bird and make the gravy. This is one advantage of doing an oven roasted bird.

BBQ Sauce: consider offering some as a condiment to the smoked bird. This seems a bit heretical, but it may be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving Day table.