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The quest for BBQ perfection is unending. My name is Luis Ramirez and I'm on a mission to find and create excellent BBQ. Follow along on my delicious adventures.
Luis Ramirez

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Smoked Turkey

This was one of my first smoked turkeys; the other one is on the bottom grate. I was trying to get out of doing the BBQ turkey all together just because of all the craziness that having a new baby brings, but my family wasn’t going to allow that. Plus, the baby isn’t that new anymore and I should be

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BBQ Joints

Check out some BBQ Joints

BBQ Dessert…

Come on, we all know that nothing cools the palate or finishes off a good barbecue meal better than ice cream. It’s the perfect barbecue dessert. Cobblers, pies and cakes can hold their own when it comes to having something sweet after the meal. But, add a little ice cream and you have something tremendously special. If you are not

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BBQ is about taking things slow.

There's something nice about that.

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