Welcome back lemonchicken

I would quickly like to congratulate Brian over at lemonchicken on the resurection of his Los Angeles food blog, food.lemonchicken.com. Even though he doesn’t … Read more

Happy Birthday BBQ Blog!

Today marks the official one-year birthday of BBQ Junkie. I am not sure what the dog-year equivalent is to blog-years, but it should definitely … Read more

Tag, and I’m it.

I have nothing but silliness here that isn’t really BBQ related. Last week The Survival Gourmet tagged me to answer a few questions, after someone had tagged him. It is the bloggers version of a chain letter. I hope this madness ends soon, in the meantime read on.

Read moreTag, and I’m it.

Happy BBQ New Year

Wow, kinda weird, New Year’s morning with no Bob Eubanks narrating the Rose Parade.