BBQ Commercial with an R&B vibe

A little something for your Thursda before lunch. Wish there was a Mr. Spriggs BBQ around here… it’s got me thinking about ribs right now.

Jack Daniel’s Neighborhood BBQ

Video from the last neighborhood BBQ

Just got this one from a BBQ friend, Nichola (pronounced like the Ricola commercial):

The QuickSilverEdition Mission is hosting another neighborhood BBQ this weekend. The last one sounds like it was a good time had by all… food, music and Jack Daniels as part of the prize. For more information on how to get on the list visit their website and click on the “get on the list link. Then, let me know how the event was.

Saturday, July August 4th
Baby Blues BBQ on Lincoln faces off against Glencrest BBQ down on A.K.
Also in the mix are the Matt Logan and the Tequila Team,
Jamal Northington, and Two Smokin dogs with his lady-friends.
Jason Stroh from Stroh’s Gourmet will be serving up delicious sides and salads.

Saturday August 25th
Final Showdown and crowning of the Venice Beach Jack Daniel’s BBQ champions