Beachfront Barbecue-A California State Championship

The California BBQ Association will be hosting a BBQ championship at Imperial Beach on November 10-11, 2006. It looks like this is going to be the last BBQ competition in Southern California for 2006 (the December Rose Bowl competition got cancelled). This event is a qualifier for the American Royal Invitational event in Kansas City. Sounds like a good reason to sign up?
Four Q BBQ Team will be there representin’… the bad news is that I will not be joining them. Got a lot of things keeping me busy on the weekends lately. More on that later.

Here is the information if you are interested in attending or competing:

When: November 10-11, 2006
Contact: Gene Goycochea 619-429-1234 by e-mail
Event Information: Imperial Beach Chamber of Commerce (619) 424-3151
Where: 800 block Seacoast Drive at the Beach

I encourage you to check out the CBBQA website for more information and if you have questions, post them in the forum area:

BBQ Junkie has a MySpace profile.

Ok, I’ve really done it this time. I’ve created a MySpace profile for BBQ Junkie just to see if there any BBQ Enthusiasts in MySpace land. It turns out that there are plenty. I also find that Q’rs are using that website to create homepages for themselves and their BBQ teams.
For those who aren’t familiar with MySpace, I know there is about a dozen of you out there, it is an online community that lets you create a profile and add pictures. MySpace is all about comments, if you don’t have too much time for making them you might not get the full experience. It’s not a traditional webpage where you have total control, but there is some creative freedom.
If you want to create a webpage for yourself where you might not need the community aspect, Google Pages is a great alternative with a googlerific web interface. If you have a BBQ team that does catering and need a webpage for your menu and photos, this could be a good solution for you. It’s easy and quick. There are plenty of websites out there that can get you on the web in no time at all.

If you need a quick webpage for your BBQ services check out this link:
Google Page Creator

If you want to add me as a MySpace friend or check out my profile here you go:
MySpace Proflie

Viejas Smokin’ in the Park results

Congratulations to all of the teams that competed in this weekend’s Smokin’ in The Park BBQ competition. Here are the results:

Grand Champion – Otis and the Bird

Reserve Grand Champion– Asleep at the Grill


    1st Two Loose Screws
    2nd The Pit Stop BBQ, LLC
    3rd Hombre
    4th Otis and the Bird
    5th Ric’s Righteous Ribs

Pork Ribs

    1st The Rib Doctor
    2nd Smokin’ Steve’s Pit BBQ
    3rd Otis and the Bird
    4th Tropical Heat BBQ
    5th The Change Smoker

Pork Shoulder

    1st The Change Smoker
    2nd Asleep at the Grill
    3rd Otis and the Bird
    4th Mojave Hot Stuff
    5th Sug’s Shack BBQ


    1st Two Loose Screws
    2nd Sug’s Shack BBQ
    3rd Asleep at the Grill
    4th Out Of This World BBQ
    5th The Pit Stop BBQ, LLC

BBQ Junkie Forum is gone

I decided that it was time to dismantle the BBQ Junkie Forum (not the blog, just the forum) for a few reasons. The only reason that I had put it up was because I could. Not a very good reason. Secondly I (or anyone else) would rarely visit the forum. What’s the fun in that? It was also getting spammed so bad I couldn’t keep up with it and I needed to focus my attention on the BBQ Junkie blog. The forum needed moderation and I didn’t have the time to do it. Who knows, in the future it may be reincarnated but in the meantime if you are looking for a few good BBQ forums check these out:

CBBQA forum

BBQ brethren

Smokin’ in The Park

Smokin' in the park

This weekend is the 2nd annual Smokin’ in The Park BBQ championship at the Viejas Outlet Center in Alpine California. Alpine is located a little east of San Diego in case you didn’t know. Last year’s event was great and I’m sure this one will be even better.
I was scheduled to be a judge at this event, but something came up and I had to withdraw. It really bums me out because last year they had gift baskets for all of the judges… and I really love gift baskets.

Check out the site >>

Cheap Eats


Saw this article in the LA Times Food section on great food deals in L.A. What a nice surprise to have a BBQ restaurant listed as the #3 pick. The restaurant is the Swinging Door in North Hollywood and they have an amazing deal that serves up to eight people for $56 dollars… not bad for real smoked meat. I haven’t visited this restaurant to sample their goods, but I’m sure that I will be there soon.

Read the article >>

The restaurants web site>>